Unveiling The Dazzling Features Of The Most Awaited Samsung GalaxyS7!

When the Samsung GalaxyS6 is already on sale, it is the time to look forward to its more advanced model; your guess is right Samsung GalaxyS7 Smartphone. What all we know about its expected features, date of release, specifications, and prices are based on the rumours through internet.

May be you think, it is too early to tell about this new Smartphone, but the information provided here would be helpful to you as it is made on the basis of prediction of our experts and internet rumours. The information provided here is regularly updated as and when we get some news or latest information about the new Smartphone.

  • Date of release:Normally the release date of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is easy to predict, as it is around MWC, which is a tech show held in Barcelona every year, around March. So, we might have to wait till March 2016 MWC. However, the internetrumours are suggesting, that we might expect it to come little earlier. As per the report by Newsis, a South Korean Publication; the Samsung is all set to release the new Smartphone two to three months ahead of the scheduled date. This means we can get the Galaxy S7 somewhere in the second part of 2015!
  • Cost: Again it is a debatable topic, as the price of the Smartphone is not usually leaked before its launch. With the GalaxyS6 hitting the market at 599 pound, we can expect dramatic difference in the price of the GalaxyS7. Unless it has added features such as curved screen technology, it is expected to be around 649 pound. Well, we have to wait and see regarding the prices.
  • Special features:The new smart phone is expected to be more stylish with a combination of metal and glass. The most likely rumour about the design is that it would have curved edge, as in case of GalaxyS6 edge.

It is also in the air, whether Samsung would use its own processor, or would go back to Qualcomm. According to Sammobile, Samsung is going to use Snapdragon 820 in its new model.

According to some crazy rumours 6GB RAM would be used it, but according to us 4GB RAM is more likely. As far as storage is concerned 32GB is expected as in case of Samsung GalaxyS6.

  • Screen size: According to us, Samsung would stick to 5.1in screen size as in case of GalaxyS5 and GalaxyS6; and would stick to its AMOLED technology.
  • Extra Specifications:We are expecting finger scanner would be an added feature to the existing ones such as heart rate monitor and IR blaster.
  • Cameras:According the rumours the new model would flaunt with whopping 30 Mp cameras, but at this stage much cannot be said about it. We are expecting that Samsung would stick to its 16 Mp sensor and may have better image stabilization.
  • Software:The new Smartphone is expected to be preloaded with Android M. Samsung customer interface; Touch Wiz would be also on-board.

We keep on updating the information; you can keep on visiting regularly to get the latest news about the new Smartphone.

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