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Top 10 Healthiest Office Breakfasts

As the popular proverb states, you are what you eat. Even though some may believe this to be an exaggeration, in a way, our dietary habits determine great many things. Not only they affect our health and overall lifestyle quality but our productiveness as well. Unfortunately, seeing how it might be difficult to maintain a healthy diet in the office, some people settle for less satisfactory solutions. However, there is no real reason for anyone to do so since there are some healthy office breakfasts that are not only good for you but also quite available to get or carry around. Here are 10 of them.

  1. Popcorn

The best thing about popcorn is that it is easy to prepare and can be kept in a container for a prolonged period of time before it becomes stale. Still, there is one thing to look out for, in order for your popcorn to remain healthy it should be low fat. So no butter topping!

  1. Protein Bar

Now, when snacks are mentioned, most people will immediately think about protein bars. These bars are packed with all the nutrients and calories that your body requires to make it through the work day. Even though not a proper meal (regardless of the calorie count), it is an ideal quick fix.

  1. Fresh Fruit

Everyone would agree that fresh fruit is far better solution than a protein bar. However, some people find it inconvenient to carry fruit around with them, for fear of rotting in a hand purse. Luckily you can always resort to healthy office fruit delivery!

  1. Smoothie

For those who are really in a rush, making a breakfast smoothie is a viable option. This way, everything your body needs can be fitted in a jar and consumed in several minutes (or even seconds if you are in a rush). Eventually it all comes down to your own choice.

  1. Dried Fruit

Sure, fresh fruit is an ideal solution but as we already mentioned, it can be quite inconvenient. If this is the situation, then the next best solution would be to resort to the use of dried fruit in your office breakfast. Easy to carry around and delicious, although some claim otherwise it is completely healthy.

  1. Frozen Banana

When asked about the most delicious thing in the world, most people will immediately respond that it is ice-cream. Unfortunately, ice-cream is hardly an adequate breakfast solution. On the positive side, frozen banana most is a healthier, tasty equivalent to your favorite sweet.

  1. Egg Muffin

Now, the greatest downside of egg muffin (when compared to previous choices) is a fact that it takes some time to prepare. Although even this doesn’t take as long as if you were to make a proper breakfast, it is still time consuming. However, when it comes to the count of nutritious calories it reigns supreme among all other breakfast solutions.

  1. Breakfast Muffin

Baking a muffin is not an easy task but if you need something to lift your spirits at work, this is more than obvious choice. Set aside some time to prepare this delicious treat and tomorrow in the office, you were be more than grateful for that decision.

  1. Hard Boiled Egg

As we already mentioned, nothing can compare to the nutritional value of an egg. With this in mind, by far the easiest way to prepare it as an office breakfast is to hard boil it. Although the process itself is quite simple, the egg doesn’t lose out on its deliciousness.

  1. Tomato Juice

Now, this office breakfast is just ideal for those hot summer days when your body craves some natural and nutritious refreshment. Easily portable and just as easily consumed, tomato juice is one of the most delicious meals there are.

As you can see, where there is a will there is always a way. Sure, it will always be easier to just buy junk food on your way to work, but the easiest solution is not always the best one. By investing just a bit of additional effort, you can revolutionize the very nature of your office breakfasts.

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