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No More ‘Lies’ About Your Thyroid Treatment

Are you feeling tired, fatigued, putting on weight, losing hair, and simply aren’t yourself? You might start thinking that you have thyroid problem due to family history of thyroid or immune system. So the next step you do is get in touch with the doctor to carry on tests to verify your thyroid level.

Here Start’s the Lie:

It’s seen that most of the health specialist runs just one blood test – The Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test which is even known as TSH – to check your thyroid function and to make a diagnosis. One issue with this Thyroid blood tests TSH is that the test calculates a pituitary hormone, it does not check the actual thyroid hormones circulating in your bloodstream, delivering oxygen and energy to your cells, tissues, glands and organs. And another issue if seen is that the doctors don’t even consider the TSH test results.

Few doctors normally believe that any result within the reference range – i.e. from .50 to 4.5 – which means your thyroid is normal. While other feels that the actual healthy TSH levels are less than 3.0, or even less than 2.0.

So what’s the BIG LIE? You are called, or you get a post card telling that your thyroid levels are normal.

Why “Normal TSH” May Be a Lie :

There are various reasons for being told that your TSH test result is “normal” could be a long way from reality:

What Should You Do?

There are some essential things that you can do to abstain from turning into a victim of the “Enormous Thyroid Lie!”

  1. If you can, demand a TSH test, as well as a Free T4, Free T3, and TPO Antibodies test to begin.

  2. Don’t acknowledge a telephone call, post card, or letter that basically says “your thyroid test was normal” You need to demand for a duplicate of the real test results for your records.

  3. In case if you earlier had this TSH test and have been told that its “normal” then you need to request for the real test result and reference.

  4. If earlier you had this TSH test then the real results tell that it’s normal, then request for a Free T4, Free T3 and TPO antibodies test to calculate actual circulating thyroid hormones, and autoimmunity.

  5. ALWAYS request the genuine test outcomes, and the reference ranges for those tests.

  6. Understand the distinction between the reference range, and what is ideal for good wellbeing.

  7. Finally, make certain that you are up to speed on the distinctive thyroid tests, what they measure, and what comes about truly

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