How Smartphone Impact On Your Body And Brain?

Smartphones – over excessive use – what happens to the body?

Smartphones, we all love them, wright? That’s normal and everyone enjoys reading, listening to music or just browsing the web. They help us stay connected, and boost productivity. However, have you ever considered how smartphones impact your body and brain? Excessive use of such devices can cause many problems such as arm pain, neck pain and even tenderness in the joints. You see there are several join pain facts to consider such as tenderness of the hands and even fingers. All this is to be expected if you overuse your smartphone. That’s not all, if you tend to text a lot, you can expect neck pain as well, also called “text neck”. This condition is used to describe shoulder pain, headaches and back pain because of over excessive texting. People who spend hours on the sofa using their phones and texting others, playing games tend to experience problems and discomfort. Those problems can lead to bigger issues and constant pain in wrists and thumbs due to inflammation of the tendons.

How Smartphone Impact On Your Body And Brain?

What about the brain?

Smartphones are pretty much designed to interrupt your sleep. They keep us mentally engaged, because we have to understand what we are reading, listening to or anything else for that matter. It is difficult to disengage and fall asleep. A study has recently been made and some conclusion were drawn up. The blue light of your screen is especially disruptive and it is known to hinder melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical which is in charge of promoting sleep. There is a brain product called Neuro-clarity. It is a natural brain function booster. It enhances clarity, gives you focus and enhances cognition. If for some reason your smartphone gave you some of these troubles, it would not be a bad idea to look around for some natural booster to regain your energy back.

If you think that the best way to avoid all this is simply to turn off you phone, you are mistaken. That can be tedious and impractical at times; so the best solution is very simple – get more sleep, forget that you have a smartphone and leave in the other room. If your joints still hurt then limbex is a product that could take care of that, but of course do your research well, and then make a decision whether you need it or not.

Most of the studies conducted seem to tell us to put our smartphones away, it is good and beneficial to use the devices. Many of the experts in the field of productivity say that taking short breaks is a good thing and to use your smartphones in those situations is not bad at all.

By texting and interacting with friends via smartphones or just by playing a game, people recover from stressful situations and refresh their minds.

There are some great news as well. You can be relieved because it has been proven that usage of smartphones does not cause cancer or mail infertility. Those are just myths, nothing to be scared about on that particular field.



We can all agree that over excessive use of smartphones can bring its own set of problems. Back pain, neck pain, pain in joints and it can interrupt your sleep. So the best thing to do would be to use your smart devices a little less. Yeah, I know that’s not that easy and we all adore them, but seriously, don’t ruin your health and try to down size it a notch. Who knows, you may even like a short break form your “pet”.

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