User Review and Constructive Feedback of Anavar

Oxandrolone is consumed by people for gaining weight or in order to control severe weight loss because to internal wounds, contaminations, major surgical procedure and internal damages. Oxandrolone is available in the commercial market under the trademark of Anavar. It helps in rapid weight gain and control prolonged side effects due to steroid consumption.


There are many user reviews in of Anavar. People have suggested and recommended the usages, highlighted the benefits and have also identified many side effects that needs to be taken care of. Generally speaking, the most common and widely found review states that Anavar stimulates muscle growth and appetite.

Anavar is an anthropogenic steroid medicine mainly used to promote the growth of muscles and body tissue. It is not very toxic, in fact very mild in nature. Users have also opined that Anavar is safe and beneficial to all age groups and generate distinct results in terms of health benefits. It offers results like controlling malnutrition conditions, anaemic disorders, trauma, rapid healing and overall maintaining body composition and growth. Body builders and athletes have highlighted the use of Anavar stating that the steroid help to shape up muscles, eradicates water retention and takes out toxic elements from the body.

Anavar is a mild steroid and with very little lateral impacts. Though it is not so harmful, but there are many instances where one should not consume Anavar. Avoid the steroid in case someone is hypersensitive to any internal constituents, suffering from breast or prostate cancer, endowed with high calcium levels, on the family way or nursing or suffering from kidney ailments or nephrosis. Users have also mentioned some of the common side effects of Anavar like: breathing difficulties, swollen feet and ankle, acne and infectious pimples, rapid weight gain, trouble and pain during urination, nausea, headache, and increased levels of calcium content in blood, stomach infection, irregular bowel movement, dehydration, muscle pain and swollen breasts. However people have also stated insomnia, rise and fall in sexual disorder and rapid rise in anxiety and stress. Critical side effects include:

  • Cholesteric hepatitis, jaundice, and liver function disorders
  • Tumours and cysts with blood in it are also formed
  • Linear bone development and abnormalities in bone and muscle functions
  • Unusual concentration of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chloride, water and phosphorus in urine is noticed
  • Hypercalcemia

Most of the Anavar reviews say that this mild steroid is used for muscle growth and shaping, skin enhancement and tightening and cut down bloating and water retention. All users should consider that all these effects will not happen at the fist dose and cannot be magical. So it is wise to give time for effect and maintain a disciplined lifestyle, healthy diet and regular exercise regime.

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