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Most Beautiful Bike Touring Places In Australia

Most Beautiful Bike Touring Places In Australia

Australian government spent over $90 million on building infrastructure and facilities needed for cycling all over Australia. This is data published by the Australian Cycling Party and its National Cycling Strategy 2011 – 2016 document. It shows that cycling is the growing pastime and recreation in the Land Down under. The weather and the conditions are perfect throughout the year, so it is not only the surfer’s paradise – it is becoming the cycler’s paradise, as well. Here are some of the best bike touring places in the entire country.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

You really need to take your time and spend a week discovering all the wonders of this tour. This is easily among the most famous biking trails in Australia. One of the reasons is the glorious variety of nature along the way, from Melbourne to Port Fairy. The road itself is over 300 km long. If you decide to take it one step at a time, you can start with Melbourne and head to Torquay. This part of the road looks like a painting. Farmland all around you. This continues all until you reach the cute little coastal town of Torquay. This is when you enjoy the beautiful coast and amazing views of the ocean, until the scenery changes one more time after you pass the Apollo Bay.

Cliffs and limestone will capture your attention as you make your way toward the Shipwreck coast and Port Campbell. Also, this is where you will stumble upon the Otway National Park. As you go toward the endpoint of your journey, Port Fairy, you will enjoy the view of Logan’s Beach. You can make it a four-day trip, but you can decide to spend a day or two detouring and setting up camps.

Sydney and Blue Mountains, NSW

There are approximately 100km from the Sydney Coast to the Blue Mountains. Sydney cycling tour is absolutely amazing, since you can start from the Rocks and enjoy the historical heritage sites there. Head to the Darling harbor and soak up the view as you cross the Pyrmont Bridge. Darling Harbor is a wonderful sight itself. You will cycle along the Iron Cove, take a glimpse of Bicentennial Park and even go along the border of the Prospect Natural Reserve. All that, even before you reach the Blue Mountains.

Your Blue Mountain adventure starts by entering the magnificent Blue Labyrinth. Your ride will take you to the fabulous Wentworth Falls. It is easy to find electric bikes in Australia, and you might want to use them for this route, as it ca be demanding. Once you are done with enjoying the rainforest air on your face, get down to the Jamison Valley to McMahon’s Point and cycle along the water.

The Gap to Mt Glorious via Mt Nebo,

Queensland jewel among the bike tours is the tour between the Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo. In comparison with the two above, this ride is much shorter, but pretty much demanding. Starting from Brisbane, you need to head northwest until you reach the out-of-this-world D’Aguilar National Park. The south section of the park is where the Gap touches the Mt Nebo. It is a lovely picnic area. Mt Nebo Road will guide you through the eucalyptus forests. Once you reach your destination, get back to Brisbane by Mt Glorious road.

All of these tracks can be cut short to take up one day. However, the beauty and the diversity of nature will inspire you to take several days and thoroughly experience these amazing routes. Each of them is a real treat for passionate bike lovers.

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