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Putting The Focus On Overall Wellness While Progressing Toward Sobriety

Doctors and scientists continue to understand that drug and alcohol addiction stems from more than one or two physical or emotional triggers. Many addicts and alcoholics suffer from a number of different physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual traumas that compel them to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Because addiction can be linked to a host of triggers rather than a small handful of factors, rehabilitation specialists realize that patients must be treated holistically instead of symptomatically. You can begin your own path to sobriety by learning more about facilities like a Miami Holistic Addiction Treatment center and other all-encompassing clinics that gear their services toward overall wellness and successful sobriety.

All-Encompassing Addiction Recovery Services

Addicts and alcoholics find it difficult to wean themselves from their substance of choice because of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual pain they experience. They need drugs and alcohol to numb this pain on a daily basis. Even if a doctor prescribed medication for physical pain, addicts may still experience the emotional and mental trauma that compels them to want to use. Their addiction cannot be treated symptomatically if they want to become entirely sober.

If you experience this conflicting range of trauma, you likewise may want services like a treatment approach and other therapeutic plans that can address you as a person rather than a collection of symptoms. You want to be recognized as someone who is in dire need of individualized help rather than subjected to generalized care that may or may not address the range of triggers from which you suffer.

When you want to be treated individually and enjoy treatment that is tailored to your particular addiction needs, you may benefit from checking into a facility that offers this holistic approach of assistance. The counselors and medical staff will evaluate you on an individual basis to discover what physical ailments for which you must be treated. You will also meet with counselors and therapists who will counsel you on a one-on-one basis so that you can vent, cry, and otherwise get rid of the mental and emotional poison that causes you to use.

Your treatment plan may also include meeting in group sessions with other patients at the facility. Sometimes it helps people to hear the stories of others so that they can realize that they are not alone in their struggles to become sober. You can gain insight from the other patients and also offer them insight about your own troubles as well as theirs. Patients at the facility learn from each other and become a sort of support network until you are discharged from the center’s care.

Post-Treatment Support

As a patient you may look forward to the day that you are discharged from the center’s care. However, you likewise may dread it to an extent because it means that you must begin navigating your own life without the constant monitoring of the center’s doctors and therapists.

Patients like you are in fact never truly on your own after you are discharged. You have the option of joining in the center’s alumni program, which would allow you to stay in contact with the medical team that guided you toward sobriety. You can also take advantage of outpatient services if you need more intensive support while you go back to your normal life. The staff can maintain contact with you for as long as you choose. This support can help you maintain your sobriety and help you resist the temptation to start using or drinking again.

If you are interested in starting your holistic drug and alcohol rehab services today, you are invited to use the contact options found on the center’s website. You can use the toll-free customer contact number found at the top of the page. You can also use the online form to request information about the center and its plans for treating you as an individual rather than a collection of symptoms.

Working toward sobriety requires that every emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual trigger is fully addressed. You can work toward sobriety and also gain the support you need to avoid using again by checking into a facility that offers holistic care. You will benefit by the individualized attention of a medical team that will address your physical pain and also your psychological and spiritual needs. You can also maintain your sobriety after you are discharged with the center’s post-treatment services like its alumni program.

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