5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

Every day we witness how the growing technology is creating possibilities and challenges in every field and similarly the constant pace of change in technology has opened significant opportunities in the education sector.

Technology has brought remarkable changes in the education system through e-learning, mobile learning and tablet-based learning. It is helping teachers and students to connect in better and effective way and teachers have expanded their teaching manner beyond text-based learning and to engage students to learn in best other ways.

The evolution of technology in education can be regarded from the computer class in schools where students learnt the basics of computer usage and its applications. But, today technology has moved beyond classrooms and allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience and to connect with their teachers anytime from anywhere.

Following is some of the influencing trends in educational technology:

Better Models and Designs

The digital models and designs help teachers to explain concepts like sound, light in a more effective way that will help the students to grasp the idea fast and memorize it easily, while the regular classes demonstration on this topics is slow because of which students get bored easily.

Below given is the video link is an introduction to sound that will make any students to understand about sound its properties very effectively. To learn completely about the chapter on sound, download BYJU’s – The Learning App or Watch us at YouTube for Byjus Videos.

5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

The developing technology has helped the teachers to come up creative activities with the text, designs, video classes and more that will interest the students and make learning more adaptive, interactive and effective.

Similarly, a complete CBSE Syllabus and other CBSE related articles from class 6 to class 12 is covered by BYJU’s, which is available on BYJU’s – The Learning App and anyone can download and install it for free anytime and from anywhere.

Connect with Your Mentor Anytime and Anywhere

E-learning has created a platform for teachers and students that has made students to connect with their mentors anytime to clarify doubts and helps to learn through social interaction.

For teachers to keep a track about their students progress and reports that will make the teachers easy to make out the strengths and weaknesses of their students and to mentor the student accordingly.

5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

Effective Assessment

The digital models and designs have become a powerful part in teaching and gives a teacher a big picture about their students as well as how they understand them.

5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

This model gives teacher to analyze the in-depth knowledge of the student and gives access to collect the real time progress of their student. The below given scenario will explain on how the teacher can get the accurate and real-time in-depth analysis data for their students.

Teacher gives assignment —->Watches how far along students are and how much time a student spends on each question and the number of correct answers——>Teacher knows the weaknesses of the student or where they lag behind—–>Gives example and sample project to work on——->Teacher gives the formative feedback to the student.


The e-books have replaced the bulky backpacks which students carry and have reduced their physical burden. Today, there are various online libraries and educators who access to students to download books for free. The CBSE releases e-Books, recently came up with an idea of e-learning through their web portal.5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

Ebooks contains content, images, videos on releva able prospective for students.

5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

Effective, Creative and Fun

E-learning gives a whole new definition to the learning system and has changed the way of learning making it fun, effective, adaptive, interactive and creative. The online education games and the animated video classes help students to understand the concepts easily.

5 Undeniable Facts Why e-Learning Is Effective and Fun

The e-learning also makes the students to think in a creative way and prepares them to think in different and unique ways to come up with unique ideas.