The Fool-Proof Itinerary For Your Travel To The City Of Mumbai

Mumbai is everything from fascinating and exciting. The city feeds the curiosity of the intrigued travellers and never fails to impress any visitor. From being the colourful extravagant modern city to still having the touch and feel of old ancient India, Mumbai is definitely a city worth venturing to.

From towering buildings, huge malls, amazing beaches and everything appealing to a traveller’s wandering eye, the city of Mumbai (or Bombay, as the older citizens like to call it) is an exciting beautiful city which makes it to the bucket list of every travel enthusiasts. The seat of Bollywood and home to some of the richest and also the poorest in India, Mumbai also displays and offers a rich assortment and variety in terms of its cuisine making it a perfect tourist spot. The most travelled to city from or to Mumbai is the national capital New Delhi as a result of which Delhi to Mumbai flights are always readily available everyday.

When the course of your vacation weighs more in terms of the time you have in your hands than the money, being in the right place at the right time is crucial. Make a plan, stick to the plan and you will have a blast You may divide your time based on the following.


Visit the beaches on some days and on the other, skip the hotel breakfast and scout online for the best hotels in and around the place you stay and the food will not be a disappointment.


This is the time you’ll be spending most time going around the city for sightseeing and all the other purposes. You can plan out your visits as such that instead of sightseeing the whole city in bits for two, three days, you can dedicate one full day to the northern region of the city and on the next day hit the other part of the city, thus saving you heaps of time. The traffic of Mumbai is never to be underestimated! There is no ‘rush hour’ in the the city. The city extends its rush hour to the whole 24 hours of the day.


During the evening you can either go shopping in the street market and check out the latest trendiest stuff that is being sold for a cheap rate or seek out for some of the best street food seeking the help of some locals. Mumbai is known for being the home to the best street food in India. You will also find street food stalls lined up outside every major landmark or places to visit in Mumbai.


If you have not already heard about the nightlife of Mumbai than you are in for a treat. Nightlife is a disappointment in most Indian cities which is one reason many people resort into private partying but if you are new to the city without any friends, chances are that you would not be invited to any of the private parties, as the only acquaintance you would have made is your neighbour in the flight and even if he/she welcomes you to theirs, it is not a very good idea. Head over to one of the nightclubs in mumbai and have the time of your life. The music never stops and as long as you have the will to party, the party shall go on!

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