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How To Find The Best Trademark For Your Business

How To Find The Best Trademark For Your Business

Under Australia’s copyright law, you enjoy many business benefits, which include access to international legal protection in many major countries under the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). As identified in many landmark cases of lawyers from most reputed firms like Shelston IP, patent lawyers enjoy a great level of power in defending their clients in cases of IP theft and violation.

Once you get ownership of your own trademark, you own it like any other intellectual property/asset, and can use it, sell it, and even gift it. As a strategic business asset, you can license its usage, and consider a franchise, or several branches, use it across the breadth of Australia, and even sue others attempting to imitate you. At you will fine world-class intellectual property protection services in Australia that will have you register a brand name, a trademark and other intellectual assets in no time

Much before you apply for a trade mark, you must validate if a desired trade mark is even available. This is the first step, in series of intellectual property related series of steps that will then involve checking for trademark eligibility, and an application for trademark protection.

Australian Trade Mark Online Search System

Australian Trade Mark Online Search System (ATMOSS) lets you use a dedicated search engine to see both registered trademarks and trademarks that others have applied. You can use ATMOSS to check for trademark registration, similar trademarks, and the possibility of infringement, at zero cost.  ATMOSS catalogues words, images, owner details and goods and services categories claimed.

Trade Marks Classification Search

the IP Australia site hosts a dedicated Trade Marks Classification Search, to check description of goods and services. This will help you decide the category of goods and/or services to apply a trademark for. Keeping in mind the 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services, the resource is helpful to find an indication of where you can apply for,

TM Check

TM Check is most helpful in helping you check if your business name might infringe upon existing similar or identical trademarks. While there are many detailed services to check trademarks, TM Check offers a quick, simplified resource to check for trademarks applied for or registered with IP Australia. This should still be supplemented with a look at IP Australia’s existing trademarks search system, ATMOSS.

Trade Mark Image Viewer

You can use the Trade Marks Image Viewer to visually inspect trademarks with pictures or fancy typescripts. These are sorted through individual number or by a range of numbers, and you easily scroll through pages of results.

Australian Surnames Search

Hosted by the IP Australia and using Australian Electoral Office data, you can search for Australian surnames, and then register a surname as a trade mark. However the surname should not be a common surname, i.e. occurring 500 times or more.

Business Names Applicant Search Service

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission lets you register an available business name, i.e. after it is found available in the Business name search service.

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