Jam Preparation At Home – Giving Your Kids What They Love

Fruits are fresh and in abundance in the summer and that is also the time when the kids have holidays. Wouldn’t your kids appreciate it if you make them something they love? If it is something as sweet as jam, they most definitely would since they love everything that is as sweet as they are. Besides, as compared to the batch preparation methods, jams made at home are much more hygienic and tastier.

Jam Preparation At Home – Giving Your Kids What They Love

Use Any Fruit

For this jam preparation method, you can use any fruit. The best part is that gelatin from animals would not be added to the jam while following this recipe since it is homemade. However, you can use pectin rich fruits to prepare these jams. These chunky fruit based purees can be applied on bread slices or even rotis and eaten. Boiling it with sugar at home makes it even yummier because that is the actual secret sauce behind the sweetness of the jams. If you want, you could make jams from different fruits or even a mixed fruit jam. Ask your children what they want before preparing jams for them and give them what they have always loved.

Use a Non-diabetic Sweetener

It is important to use a non-diabetic sweetener such as stevia instead of sugar. Avoid using white sugar as much as possible since it is not a healthy ingredient. Also, use fruits that have been grown at your home without the use of pesticides instead of buying them from the market. Instead of coughing up a lot of money for these fruits outside, why not consider growing them at home itself? Besides, fruits are really easy to grow at home. Even if your children are not diabetics, you should still use a non-diabetic sweetener since it would prevent the possibility of diabetes in them.

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Add your Own Personal Touches

You can use honey instead of stevia if your children are not very fond of it. Even if you are using honey, you must use it in moderation since it can protect the health of your children. If you want, you can add your own personal touches to it too so that your children will enjoy the jam even more.

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