How To Beat Urine Tests This New Year?

February 17, 2016 Health News No Comments

It might sound to be a petty issue for many, passing a urine test without any negative signs. But do you know that careers are spoilt and medical benefits are denied because people fail urine tests when they most need it? Say for instance the case of an employee who is going to retire in some years’ time. It is possible for the corporation to use his urine tests and to create obnoxious reasons based on health and fire him from his position. Moreover, the test standards have also been raised to ensure that nobody is misusing the same for personal gains.

How To Beat Urine Tests This New Year?

Synthetic cannabis or technically synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists are designer drugs that mimic the effects of cannabis sprayed onto a herbal base material. There are several psychoactive artificial cannabinoid families that are used as designer drugs sprayed on herbs and sold as natural highs under brand names like K2 and Spice, both of which are generalized trademarks used for any synthetic cannabis product. Synthetic cannabis is often termed spice product.

So the need for synthetic urine is desperately felt across a cross-section of people. But does it really help in passing urine tests? To be short and precise, yes it does. Synthetic based urine is free of any toxins that can possibly show up in your urine test report thus increasing the chances of your elimination. But you must know to segregate the good from the bad. You must know how to pick the right brand and kind of urine that will breeze through the tests.

Here is what you need to look for to buy synthetic urine that will never fail you.

Buy a reputed brand. Brands have an aura of reliability around them. They can be trusted to be of genuine quality that will serve the purpose. Make sure you are not falling for any fake products that are doing their circles in the market for ripping off money from innocent customers. Diagnostic companies know how to differentiate good products from the bad. So ensure that you are paying for stuff that will not fail you.

Ask for detailed ingredients. You may not be able to understand the exact meaning or the names of the ingredients. But chances are that you might be able to spot something that could actually hamper your chances of failing the test. Low quality brands are known to use materials and chemicals that can actually turn into toxins with time thus affecting your test results significantly. Hence proved, that buying branded urine is safe and sound than sacrificing for cheap price.

If you have doubts of passing the test without the aid of synthetically made urine, it is better to buy it. Don’t mess up your results again and end up losing precious time.

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