Leaflet Distribution Tips

Leaflet distribution can be an effective marketing method for both small and large businesses alike. When leaflet distribution is done correctly, it allows a business to spread the word about their goods and services, at a fraction of the price of normal London adverts. Once a clear and concise plan has been put in place, these helpful tips can help a business to reach their target audience, without wasting time (or leaflets!).

  1. Keep Them Small

Handing a consumer a massive leaflet triggers an unfortunate psychological effect. Their first instinct will be to throw the leaflet away or ignore it entirely. Businesses that succeed when it comes to leaflet distribution focus on keeping their promotional materials, allowing potential customers to easily fit them in their pocket. This serves to reduce the overall drop rate.

  1. Collaborate With Like Minded Businesses

Finding a business whose objectives complement yours is a great way to ensure successful leaflet distribution. This is especially true of businesses that already have leaflet distribution that are proven to work. Speak to business owners who work in fields that complement your own and see if you use their tills and shops for your leaflet distribution needs.

  1. Utilize Inserts

Are there influential publications in your area that speak directly to your intended audience? If so, choosing a local publication to insert your leaflet ensures that your promotional information is read, as opposed to being dropped on the street. Publication inserts are a stealth way to get your information into the hands of the consumer, without badgering them for attention.

  1. Sponsor a Local Event

Pinpointing a local event where a large throng of potential consumer will be present is a great tip for your next leaflet distribution campaign. You can create a bag for attendees to take home with them that includes your leaflet, deliver the leaflets hand to hand, or erect a leaflet dispensary on the event’s premises. Make sure that the event you select is relevant to the culture of your business.

Leaflet Distribution Tips

  1. Timing Is Crucial

Leaflet distribution is all about choosing the correct time and place. Take the time to consider the time of year, as you may receive your best results by allowing your leaflet distribution to coincide with holidays and special occasions. By thoroughly considering the timing of your leaflet distribution techniques, a business can increase their conversion rate and reduce the amount of leaflet wastage.

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