Types Of Flowers In Thailand

What do flowers symbolize?

In Thailand, flowers are certainly a very important part of the culture. One of the most popular flowers in Thailand is the Golden Shower variety, which is actually their national flower. Orchids are also very popular flowers in Thailand. There are a lot of significant meanings placed behind certain flowers in Thailand.

Some people initially think of the lotus when they imagine oriental flowers; however the orchid is actually one of the most popular flowers in the country. Everywhere you go in Thailand, you will see flower gardens containing beautiful orchids. Thailand has a national flower that is a tree blossom called Golden Shower.

The main reason why this flower is so popular is because of the fact that its color represents the Royal Household. There are plenty of excellent delivery services that you can use in Thailand to have flowers sent to someone very special to you.

Are you unsure of what kinds of flowers to send in the country of Thailand? Well, most of the same flowers that you can find here in the west are also available there; however you should definitely make yourself aware of the fact that in Thailand many flowers carry specific meanings.

In current Thai culture, it is actually quite common for people to use flowers as a means of expressing their political beliefs. A show of support for the Royal Household may be shown with a yellow flower or support for the red shirts may be shown with a red flower. The manner in which the flowers are presented and the occasion also make a big difference when it comes to what they actually mean, so take that into account as well.

You have to be very careful when you are sending someone in Thailand a bouquet because in Thailand flowers can mean something completely different to the receiver than what you may realize. For example, you don’t want to send a woman a bouquet of white flowers as a gesture of love. This is because of the fact that in Thai culture white flowers are usually reserved for being given at funerals. She would see the gift as a negative gesture! Here, we use white flowers for weddings, but to have white flowers at a wedding in Thailand would suggest bad luck.

There is also Mother’s Day, and this is a huge deal in Thailand as well. It comes on the twelfth day of August, which also happens to be the birthday of their Queen. Thailand Florist Can makes your Day A very special Day On Special Event in Your Life. This is a very special day, as they view their queen as the mother of all people in Thailand.

The idea is to choose just the right flowers to make your loved one feel special and important, so take the time to discover which flowers are going to mean the most. You should also think about things such as who you are going to have translated the message that you want to be put on the card. Who can you trust to take care of this properly for you? Plus, who will they be putting in charge of the actual delivery?