Online Career Counseling- Is Your Career Path At A Crossroad?

“I don’t know what to do about my career.” This is a much bandied about statement amongst the youth today. Confused, frustrated and befuddled they are at loggerheads with their parents and acquaintances, who try and convince them to the best of their ability; that a particular career is the best for you. But is it really so? Are you sure yourself that whatever career you have decided for yourself and which you think is right for you, is really right for you? How to come to a decision and plan ahead for the future you are working hard for? Career counseling would come to your rescue!

What is Career Counseling?

“The crowning fortune of a man is to be born to some pursuit which finds him employment and happiness whether it is to make baskets, or broad swords, canals or statues or songs.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said it perfectly if you really find something which interests him or her and then turn it into a lucrative career it would be something everyone hankers after. But are all of us really that lucky? More often than not we are befuddled at the humungous number of career prospects knocking at the door! But do they match our interests abilities and Education? Sometimes they do match our education but they don’t match our interests. That’s a shame because you might choose a career listening to some people and find out later the career was not meant for you or you for the career. All you really get is a life bereft of happiness and contentment. At this critical juncture you need professional advice to guide you and steer you towards your ambitions and goals. This professional advice is given to you by career counselors.

What would your Career Counselor do for you?

Your career counselor would be the guiding light when you would have to traverse tough and treacherous roads in your journey towards your goal. Gone are those days when all you had to do was pass your boards hop on to the college bandwagon and surge ahead in life. Things are no longer that simple and you really have to up your ante and pull up your socks to shine bright in the already crowded sky. So how will your career counselor help you?

  • Your career counselor will help you find out more about your life your career and what you need to do to make things better. You thought you knew all about yourself! Well think again!
  • A career counselor will help you organize your thought process and can act as confidante. All your fears and apprehensions about your career could be sorted out with the help of career counselor.
  • Your abilities and interests will be nourished for that dream career you have worked so hard for! Also your weaknesses would be highlighted and you could work upon them and turn them into strengths for career development.
  • A career counselor would help you find out more about career and would help you to sort out career information provided by them.
  • Chalk out a plan for you and give you advice as to how to go about things.

Steps to find more about you!

How would you know more about yourself! A career counselors job is to find more about you, your interests, your inclinations, your aptitudes. To know more about yourself you would have to undergo some tests which would reveal certain aspects of you and what career is best suited to you?

  • Aptitudes and skills play an important part in determining which career would be suitable for you. Career counselors conduct certain tests and interviews to gauge the qualities required for a certain career.
  • Enhance your education. A career counselor would decide whether the education you have taken up is good enough for you or you need to add to it. Take up a few more courses or even ask you to take up something totally new more suited to your aptitude and skills.
  • Your personality plays a significant role in determining the kind of career which you are more suitable for. As certain careers demands stereotypical type of personality. Personality tests would unravel what kind of personality you really are and which career would suit your personality to the t.
  • Tests to determine your interests are also important as, if interests blend with your career you would be rewarded with a satisfying and fulfilling career.

A satisfying career is stuff that dreams are made of. So you need to take those all important steps which would save your career even if it at crossroads. It is often seen that a girl/boy fresh out of his class 12 exams are plagued by incessant questions from acquaintances and friends. They capitulate to herd mentality and choose only those careers which are suggested by peers. But they are at their wits end as they hardly know how to tackle their job woes. This is indeed the time to give career counseling a chance as only then they would be able to realize their dreams and walk away with a job that would be paying as well as creatively satisfying.