Pros and Cons Of A Post-paid Plan

Pre-paid connection or a Post-paid connection? Everyone with a mobile phone would have pondered about this question at least once. Let us first take a look at what exactly they mean. In mobile lingo, pre-paid refers to that type of connection where the user has to pay in advance to use the service offered by the provider. Post-paid, on the other hand, is a type of connection where the customer can use the services offered up front and are billed later for the same.

Where Post-paid Holds the Edge

Imagine a situation where you are supposed to call someone for an interview and midway through your conversation the call gets disconnected because you had insufficient balance in your account. How embarrassing, right? That is where post-paid connection works its magic.

Subscribers need not pay anything up front. Instead, they can enjoy the facilities offered by the service provider and will only have to make the payments at the end of each month. What’s better is that the customers can pick from various offers that offer great value-for-money in terms of data plans, call rate plans, free night talk time and many more. Some service providers even offer better quality, offers and coverage to post-paid users as opposed to prepaid connections.

For those wondering how to recharge mobile online, an app like Mobikwik allows you to recharge your mobile from anywhere at anytime. Apps such as these give you the liberty of getting your post-paid recharge done without even having to move from your seat.

The Downside of a Post-paid Plan

Everything comes with a cost. With a post-paid connection, it is possible that you are over-billed sometimes with hidden costs levied. Since there is no limit on the usage of the facilities offered by the service provider, the subscribers tend to overuse them only to realise after receiving their bills.

Irrespective of the type of connection they chose, customers can browse through the wide variety of offers and services and pick what suits them the best, and they can also do Airtel easy mobile rechargeonline without having to queue up at the service provider’s office.

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