5 Tools You Need When Building A DIY Bed

Sleep is very important to us because without it we won’t be able to function properly during the day. In order to have a well-deserved quality sleep, we need a sturdy yet comfortable bed to sleep in. You could buy a ready-made bed from the store but building your own bed frame offers several advantages that store-bought beds don’t have. By making your own bed frame, you can customize it any way you want. Also, it is cheaper than buying from the store. As a bonus, you get a sense of accomplishment after you finish making it.

Although building a bed is not easy, it is not that complicated either especially if you have the right tools. In this article, we would focus on 5 important tools that you would need to make a basic wooden bed frame.

  1. Pencil and Measuring Tool

These two are not really “tools” per se but because they play such a crucial role in the process. When making your own bed frame, it is very important that you get the measurements right so that the different parts would fit each other. Measure the timber with a ruler or a tape measure. Then using a pencil, mark the part where you would cut the wood or drill a hole. Make sure you are able to see the marking to avoid mistakes.

  1. Saw for Cutting

A saw is made up of a handle and a long serrated blade used for cutting materials like wood. Making a standard bed frame does not require too much woodcutting, so you only need a regular saw, not the electrical one. You would use this tool to cut the wood into the size and shape you need for the different parts of the bed, including the legs, headboard, and the main frame.

  1. Wood Screws and Lag Bolts to hold Parts together

Especially when used with wood, wood screws are durable and strong. They are quite small, commonly around 2.25 inches. You would need a lot of these, which is why it’s a good thing that they are cheap and easily available. Lag bolts are like longer wood screws and they are designed to keep the separate parts of the frame together. These things could withstand weight and are resistant to damage, making them necessary in making a durable and stable bed.

  1. Electric Drill for Making Holes

Screws and lag bolts are useless if they do not have any hole to be inserted into. Remember that you are working with blocks of wood so using manual drills to make the holes would be difficult. To save energy and time, you would need an electric drill.

  1. Screwdriver for Securing Screws and Lag Bolts

You need a screwdriver to turn and tighten the screws until they are secured. Screwdrivers usually come in sets with different ends and sizes, so make sure that you are using one that fits the screws perfectly.

Before starting your DIY Bed project, it is very important that you have these tools to create a basic wooden bed frame. If you want more detailed designs like woodcarving and if you would use materials other than wood, you would need other tools for that. With just these 5 tools, however, plus patience, dedication and commitment, you could create the perfect bed for you.

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