Top 5 Cities In India For The Foodies

India has a host of good food popular all around the world. While some are made in the proper way, most of the indian dishes you find outside are normally tweaked to an extent that favours the palate of the people living in those places. Visit India and visit the cities where you can taste the dishes cooked in the authentic style of its cooking.

India has the biggest set of diverse people compared to any country in the whole world, and with this diversity come different cultures, traditions, beliefs, way of life and traditions; and with all that comes different cuisines, from all parts of India. Each state in India has its different unique cuisine and some states with unique classification of different tribes and caste also have their different styles of cooking. Thus, the question of exploring and experiencing every cuisine and culinary style in India is impossible. There is not a single person who walked on this planet earth having accomplished that feat, even Indians themselves. So, while you may not be able to explore each place, here is a rundown of the top five best places you can visit to get a jist of how the food of each part of India may bear some resemblance to.

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New Delhi

The Capital city of India and a city that can also rightly be called the food capital of India for the plethora of dishes it offers to its visitors. Everything from its streets, cafes, pubs and fine dining restaurants, New Delhi does not disappoint in the department of food. It serves some of the nation’s best chole bhature and chaats, which you will find if you head towards Chandni Chawk if you are residing in the northern part of the city and CR park if you are residing in the southern side of the city. The dhabas spread across the city also serves mind boggling delicious Punjabi food.


Move a little further north and you have yourself the city of Amritsar, the seat of the best world famous punjabi cuisine. Largely popular for its non vegetarian tikkas and tandooris and rich butter chicken and fish tikkas, the city is also popular for its non vegetarian dishes and its distinct dishes are a lifesaver for every vegetarian all over India which are so rich and beautiful it is the food every vegetarian orders in any fine dining restaurant. It is just a couple of hours away by road from Delhi however to approach it from city like Mumbai you will have to catch one of the Mumbai to Amritsar flights.


Talking about vegetarians, there is a whole state of vegetarians in the state of Gujarat. Apart from the international fast food chains, you will hardly get any meat in this whole state. But this place is an absolute haven for vegetarians. Visit Ahmedabad and try out their famous Dhokla and a huge assortment of chaats and the various other sweet dishes found in the city.


The Indian sweet scene would never be completed without the legendary “rosogolla” (pronounced rasgullas). This city is a breath of fresh air from the heavily spiced north Indian food as the food in the this part of India is lightly spiced and fish is their staple and favorite food. Try their hilsa curry cooked in mustard seed and it will change the whole way you look at that fish. Also, Kolkata has one of the most loved street foods in India. Tales of its street food are spoken by every venturer.


The only city whose street food can be compared to Kolkata’s. Although Kolkata’s street food are much talked about, it does not beat Mumbai, the pioneer of street food. Mumbai is one of the cities where there is so much to eat that your stomach remains full whole throughout the year as every street corner you pass by invites you into their stall with the unmistakable aroma, one of the reasons why some of the main places to visit in Mumbai are the places to eat!

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