How To Write A+ Position Paper For Students?

Guide to A+ Position Paper in 3 Easy Ways

Position Paper Mystery Solved: Get It Done in 3 Easy Steps

What seems to be one of the toughest assignments for college students, a position paper is targeted to present one side of an arguable opinion about the problem. Student’s goal is to convince the audience that his opinion is valid and supported with facts, i.e. defensible. The ideas for the selection should go through a thorough examination with choosing a topic and organizing and writing the paper with argument development. All sides of the issue should be addressed. The style and tone of presentation should be easy for audience to “absorb” in custom Position Paper assignment. The argument should have a strong evidence, fully ensuring the validity of any of your claims. In addition, a student should be prepared to oppose counterclaims, meaning he is highly knowledge on the topic’s both sides.

How to Start Writing a Position Paper?

The purpose of a position paper to produce support of an opinion on an issue. Start with describing selected position along with the rational. To create solid foundation for an argument:

  1. use only solid evidence to support your position – include charts, statistics, events and dates;
  2. to validate your position, it is better to use authoritative references only as a primary source of quotations;
  3. evaluate both strengths and weaknesses of your position;
  4. examine possible solutions with the suggestion of the possible course of actions.

Writing A+ Academic Position Paper: Essay Structure

An issue that is selected for your firm position should be clear. There are opinions that could be argued with facts and inductive reasoning. While it is a good idea to select an opinion you know very little about, or go with an opinion that you have already formed. Just make sure that your opinion is critical. Not to get lost in the subject, start with clear definition and limit the issue with extra attention for it to be more manageable. If you choose to write a paper on social issues, be aware of the multiple solutions. Before the actual writing, research the issue thoroughly, consult the experts in the field and get access to primary documentation. Consider the following elements: cost-effectiveness, political/social climate, feasibility and possible course of actions.

Easy Steps to Writing Great College Position Essay

  • A position paper introduction
  1. Issue identification
  2. Statement of position
  • The essay body
  1. Supportive evidence or plausible facts
  2. Background information
  3. Discussion of both sides of the issue
  • Essay Conclusion
  1. Suggested applicable course of action
  2. Possible solutions.

Introduction should pursue a dual purpose: 1) indicate the topic the selected approach in the thesis statement; 2) get readers to become interested for what’s to come in the paper.

Tip: introduce a topic in a context – supply a backdrop of what is in perspective. Also, discuss the area in which the topic fits, leading to a specific field of discussion, which should be reflected in the thesis statement.

Generating Counterargumentwhat the other person, who disagrees with my opinion will say about each of the points. Come up with counterarguments and find response to them.

Tip: Body paragraph should present strong arguments under the following structure:

  1. Provide point #1 of your claim
  • Educated and informing opinion
  • Support/proof from more than one source (three is the best)
  • Make a transition to next paragraph
  1. Provide point #2 of your claim
  • Educated and informing opinion
  • Support/proof from more than one source (three is the best)
  1. Provide point #3 of your claim
  • Educated and informing opinion
  • Support/proof from more than one source (three is the best)

Finish up with a strong conclusion.