All You Should Know About Hernia Surgery and Repair: You’re Options

If you’re worried about hernia but haven’t made any steps to do anything about it, then you belong to about 80% of the population that suffer from it, as only 20% actually do something about it. Pity, because considering the medical knowledge and various surgical options you can choose from, it really shouldn’t bother you anymore. Here’s a little guide to what you may consider; all you should know about hernia surgery and repair, and your options.

Forget Old-school Techniques

Medical experts have made much progress, so there is absolutely no need to worry that your hernia problems will be dealt with the way your grandfather had to deal with it – all the more reasons to have your hernia problems fixed as soon as possible. Before, doctors had to use ‘open tension’ repair. This means they first had to make a surgical incision about 3 to 6 inches for access, pull together the healthy tissues and suture them together, and then close the wound. This is a thing of the past. Have no fear: techniques are much safer and much more comfortable now.

All You Should Know About Hernia Surgery and Repair: You’re Options

New Techniques

Two more popular techniques have come in vogue, mostly because of the increased knowledge of the doctors and the extraordinary aid of technology. Here are two of the most common techniques used today:

  • Mesh repair. This technique is also called the no-tension repair – and for good reason. Rather than pulling the sides around the hernia together (creating tension), a mesh is placed at the hernia itself so it holds the mass together and allows tissue to grow around it for extra support.
  • Closed repair. Smaller hernias can be fixed with closed repair. The incision necessary for this technique is minimal, since this laparoscopic procedure relies on special instruments. Smaller incisions mean less discomfort after surgery.

Patient Comfort

With patient comfort we mean before the surgery, during the surgery, and after the surgery – all three aspects are considerably easier than it was just two decades ago. As usual, the patient will have to undergo some tests before the surgery, but with modern technology, this can be done in a jiffy, and the results are back very quickly. The surgery is done within a day and if there are no complications (and considering the health and age of the patient) there is no reason why the patient should not be able to go home very quickly, usually within the next few days.

Hernia can become a serious problem if not paid attention to – but it truly needn’t be. There are plenty of options available for those who feel they might be suffering from hernia problems, as the will attest. And whether you are looking to have hernia surgery in Surrey, London, or other areas, make sure to rely only on the specialists.

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