3 Must-Haves For Every Mother-to-be

Underpants : In the previous century if you were a bikini fan then you did not like being pregnant because most maternity panties actually looked like granny panties. However, today professional support and perfect comfort can be reached with normal models of panties. Now you can get pretty much any type of panties and find the same model in the maternity clothes store. Today it becomes much easier for a pregnant woman to be sexy and pregnant!

3 Must-Haves For Every Mother-to-be

Bras : This is second must-have for a mother-to-be because it is a well-known fact that your size will become two or three times bigger. In order not to lose your form and to simplify your life, it is highly advised to look for good quality maternity bras. According to pregnancy wear Calgary professionals, if you are buying a bra in the beginning of the second trimester, you need to make sure that it will feet in a couple of weeks, so they advice to get a bra two or three sizes bigger than you normally have. And at this point never save on the quality. If with anything else it is possible to withstand minor discomfort than it is just impossible with a bad bra.

Jacket or Coat : However radical the order of the wear from undergarments to over-clothes might seem to be illogical, it is a very important aspect to remember, especially if you know that your second or third trimesters will be during the cold season. You know that getting a cold is absolutely not an option during pregnancy and especially ‘froze’ your belly. This is why good maternity coat is a must-have. You need to find a comfortable and very warm coat in order to make sure that you belly is perfectly protected and that there is no risk of exposing your unborn child to excessive cold.

Pants : Under the notion pants you can understand everything: jeans, classic work uniform and home trainers. These things are essential parts of a maternity wardrobe, because all of them you will use every day. Maternity jeans are essential for the everyday use: going to a store, meeting with a friend, etc. Jeans can even be a perfect match for a cocktail evening. Trainers are extremely comfortable for home wear and the issue is clear with the working pants. Maternity clothes experts say that two things should be common for all these maternity pants: the built-in belly band and their stretchy material. Belly band will create extra compression and support for the belly lowering the pressure on the lower back part and the abdominal. Stretchy material allows you to feel free and unrestricted in these pants whatever you do: physical exercises, lying on the sofa, or sitting in an office.

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