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All About Staying In Spain

All About Staying In Spain

The health care sector in Spain is very good. They have both free public Spanish healthcare system along with private insurance. Often there are situation when private insurance may be necessary for certain benefits over and above the public health care system.

People who are the permanent resident of the Spain, paying income tax to the country are entitled to free state health care facilities.  Even people living and working in Spain, contributing income tax to the country’s fund are eligible for the benefits. However,  illegal immigrants and foreigners not registered with the Spanish tax office will not really get the services of the country.

The healthcare system in Spain is ranked as the best amongst the best in the world. The sector is funded by social security payments. The aim is that, the country does not want the majority of residents to depend on private insurance to access spanish healthcare.

It is true that, the private health insurance offers quicker medical treatment in private facilities, which has some extra benefits as well. However, you can go for a private health insurance depending on your circumstances and requirement.

Spanish healthcare covers each employee and self-employed workers, staying in Spain for a long time  are paying social security contributions. The Spanish healthcare covers the person along with spouse and children of workers.

Not only the medical sector, but Spain is reached in all types of facilities required for the expats to live in. It has wonderful natural beauty, good laws of the country, appreciable historical places, a nice education system for the children of the expats, good shopping places and dueling houses.

No doubt Spain is a  very good place which can attract many Expats moving to the country.  Expats will find a country steeped in a rich and eventful history.that is the reason many expats and tourists from other country come to the place every day. Spain has some protective rules for the expats and the country is very fair to the people of another state.

Lets take an example. Any kid can learn to play the piano. A few may take to it more easily than others, depending on their intelligence and grasping talent; a few may race ahead; a few may lag behind. And some may read quickly, while others may be aurally gifted, and able to move their fingers quickly and naturally. However, it really does boil down to practice. It is not the matter what you want or nothing about your skill. Yes, it’s the will power. It’s all about DOING IT. It is all about what you feel. No one can change your inner feeling regarding a matter. The circumstance has the power to dominant for you. Sometimes we are forced to do something which we do not really want or enjoy. But as per the demand of the situation we need to do that.

There are lots of Spanish citizens who are far from their native. Every day their heart cries for their motherland. The beauty of the place, the sweet memory and the inclination to the location tempted them to come to Spain each day. But due to some personal obligation, job, career or other responsibility they are continuing to stay there.

While doing practice on the piano, a child gets masters through focusing 1/2 an hour every day. He follows the process of learning with all dedication.  That is because the kid loves to do that. It is the feeling which he enjoys from the heart. So always do the thing which you enjoy or which you want to do from the bottom of the your heart.

The child, however, following his heart will definitely earn success in some future days.  It will take 4 to 8 years, basing on the practice habit goals, and talent, for a student turning into a great musician. The time then it happens, it’s just like watching the tulips bloom in spring. He will be happier in becoming a musician than to take any other profession. It is not all about how much you earn or how much successful you become. It is all about your inner happiness and joy.

People leaving their native Spain are not really happy in any way. So in my personal view we should do the things in which we are comfortable. No matters how much success you have earned but every day you will lead a frustrated life if at all you ignore your inner happiness.

So make your life smooth. Do what you really want to do. No matter where you are staying, but you should have love for the place. It will affect your personality in a better way. When you are contented from your heart you will be able to think through problems, analyzing them down, then solving them one step at a time, distinctly figuring things out, then finding creative new ways to approach a challenge, and putting the pieces back together as well trying again and again. These are the life lessons. Following the tips you will the happiest man on the planet.  You can live your life to the fullest.

Trust me…You can feel the music of the life each day.

Life is all about flow. It can be defined as a state of full involvement. Till you are not fully involved in something you can not enjoy the real charm of the matter. It is a state of mind where the body performs an activity with a full  energetic feeling. It is a full involvement condition. A flow state, that gives you the optimum enjoyment in performing an activity.

So it is better to choose a country to live where you will find all the benefits and peace of mine. Yes, that is nowhere, then Spain.  It is a complete absorption situation of operation. It is completely derived by motivation. People get more positive, challenged, energized, and aligned regarding the issue at hand. Here, people feels tons of pleasure while doing the task.

We can elaborate the condition by citing an easy illustration that how a painter does  his job. While going through the job they do not even get  hungry, tired or uncomfortable. They are crazy about their work. But as the painting gets ready they subsequently reduce their interest in it. They do not find it their passion or root of craziness any more. So what do you call this special state of mind where all your soul is being absorbed in it. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his book named it as  flow state. It is the art of engaging the whole of your being in what you are doing currently.

It mainly happened that an hour can easily pass in the blink of an eye, when you are in a flow state. You feel that is the most important work in the planet, what you are doing. Your action and responsiveness merges and you are not  in a self conscious condition. Thus the contented  feeling of experience starts intrinsically rewarding  you.

To get entered into a flow state you need to have a flow experience. Here you should be internally motivated to perform a task for your own pleasure. While doing the task you should do it with your heart and soul for an immediate feedback. The work should stretch your skill and proficiency to the fullest not not to the negative zone where you feel too anxious or tedium. There should be clear cut short term objective that you target to achieve. Further, to explain the concept more clearly you can take the example of the work of writers, surgeons, athletes and artists. They all experience flow in their job.

Flow can be a condition of conscious  state of mind which creatively guide the  individuals in a very constructive manner. People claim they most readily produce their work while they are in a flow state. In addition to that it will give you a wonderful feeling to do the work.

Yes! It is a state where time stops for you. You get into the job with your heart and soul. Your action and perception merge. However, it sounds mystical, but it’s very real.

Flow is the inner contentment, inner gratification and inner pleasure that you always enjoy from your soul. It is just opposite of the rushed, busy feelings of doing the same routine work. It is concerned with the short term satisfaction that you get from the task which you feel like doing from your heart.

Though it is not always very easy to attain, but a state of flow gives you a great feeling and you feel like blessed with some beautiful thing. The following are the best things that happened when you are in a flow state.

Firstly, you get familiar through your personal zone. It is seen in many situations where people enter flow while talking with their old friends. They chat for long hours and that gives them a great satisfaction.

Secondly the less multitasking ability. That means multi task is good while done with the junk tasks, but when it is a question of crucial stuff, such as playing with your kids or making a critical decision it need your fullest attention.

Thirdly, start doing the task you are avoiding. This energizes  you with your fullest esteem. Generally, what happened when you take a regular work you feel like do-able but the avoided task is a new and different task for you which will not give you a  bored stiff  rather you will enjoy the challenge and ease in tackling the new task.

So the creative work is something like creating an article, writing a poem, designing a website, coding a computer program, or performing some other human expression, all it need is a flow not only to finish the job but to live it entering entirely into it. It makes you forget who you are.

Thus  to conclude it can be said that, If you are an expat, then select a best place for you to spend the rest of the days of your life.When arriving in Spain do not forget to register yourself for a social security number. It will help you to access to the banking services and to the system of taxes and general bureaucracy. Always try to live the life to the fullest.

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