Hot Tubs; How Can They Really Improve Your Life?

March 15, 2016 Health News No Comments

As hot tubs increase in popularity many more people are considering installing one of their own, but are they really worth it? What benefits can you get from owning one?

I suppose the most obvious one that comes to mind is relaxation; it would be virtually impossible not to relax immersed in warm water and being gently massaged by the jets. So from that point of view a hot tub can be an effective way of reducing stress and anxiety and could prevent a visit to the doctor for medication. It would also allow a bit of “me” time which can be extremely important for those with busy lives and little opportunity to get away from things.


As we get older, many of us suffer from general aches and pains as well as more specific pains such as backache. Hot tubs can be particularly effective at treating these types of discomfort due to the effect of heat and once again the massage jets. In fact many people suffering from backache have been recommended to try out a hot tub for relief and have found it to be successful.

Insomnia is another condition that has seen great success from hot tub therapy. It’s recommended that it takes place perhaps an hour or so before going to bed for around 15 minutes. Warm water is great at releasing the hormones that make you feel sleepy so when you do go to bed you have a better chance of falling asleep with a relaxed mind.

On a more serious note, hot tubs can also be extremely helpful to those at risk of a stroke or heart attack. Because the warm water dilates the blood vessels, the blood pressure is lowered reducing the risk of one of these serious events happening.

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