Office 365 For CPAs

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a widely popular cloud based service that has gained widespread application in various industries. It helps enhance efficiency and offers so many benefits that help in improving your overall business processes and helps you succeed. This cloud technology is comparatively new, but thanks to what it offers in the package, and its reliability and consistency, it has become highly popular. The Cloud Office 365 brings you all the benefits and the efficiency of the Microsoft Office package as part of it. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can find Office 365 as the perfect platform for their business. It doesn’t matter whether you are new, a well established CPA or how large your business operations are, it will help you in succeeding and growing further.

How Office 365 helps your CPA practice to grow

Office 365 can help your business grow by increasing employee efficiency, reducing costs and providing optimal flexibility to your staff. It can help boost your CPA practice in so many ways:

  • Access to widely used applications – You will have access to a major software with widely used applications.
  • Improving scalability and accessibility – Subscriptions for all sizes of CPAs, installing it on several systems, web-conferencing, cloud storage, and access to documents from anywhere.
  • High reliability – Antimalware and spam protection from Microsoft.
  • Reduced cost of solution – Much lower costs of ownership compared to maintaining similar on-premise resources.

The management and staff can access all documents and data on the cloud based software package from anywhere and at anytime.

When it comes to implementing Office 365, you will have to consider from where you should buy this service. There are two sources for purchasing – Microsoft and Microsoft Cloud Service Providers (CSP) such as

Which source to choose

As a CPA firm, it is recommended that you purchase the Office 365 service from a well established and reputable Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. So why not buy directly from Microsoft?

There are many reasons for buying from CSPs. They can offer you Office 365 service as a package that’s best suited for your business. But you must be careful when choosing the CSP, because the experience can vary from one provider to another. Make sure to check their reputation to choose the best one.

What does a Microsoft CSP offer

If you are looking for one of the best Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Apps4Rent is one of the best providers out there. They offer highly efficient Office 365 Cloud package. You will get high-end customer support and service quality that helps in the effective implementation of and move to Office 365.

Comparatively, buying Office 365 directly from Microsoft has its own set of limitations. If you have any problems or need to contact the customer support, you will have to adhere to standard formats laid down by the company. There are limitations as to the support provided over phone. Only a specific number of problems are covered – the ones which are covered in the official critical issues list from Microsoft.

If you buy Office 365 from a Tier 1 Microsoft Provider like Apps4Rent, you are going to get the best end-user support and full range of service. This can be highly beneficial for a CPA that doesn’t have highly tech-savvy employees, when it comes to adapting to and handling a sophisticated cloud package.

A reputable CPS can provide complete end-user assistance. They can resolve all kind of issues and queries. They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can reach them via phone, email or chat. For the same product and same price, you are getting much more in dedicated customer support and service.

Bigger benefits for CPAs

Besides the above-mentioned benefits offered by Apps4Rent, this CSP also offers many other features and applications as part of the bundling option. CPAs have far-reaching data and documents that can be accessed only by authorized personnel. All this data comes with its own set of legal complications in terms of security and access.

Apps4Rent offers product bundling option comprising of solutions like Project Online, which is a Free Project Management Software to help add coherence and effectiveness to your processes. They also provide free SharePoint website to power your project management needs on another target website Thus, this Microsoft Tier 1 CSP will offer you a comprehensive package for boosting your CPA firm’s efficiency, productivity and growth story.