Tips To Make Your Fruits Stay Fresh

Including fruits in the diet is a healthy habit. However, you face the real test when you have to store them. Have a look at your fruit baskets. Do you think that you can preserve all those fruits by merely placing it in a refrigerator? Here under, we detail you a few preservative techniques for different fruits.

Apple: It is highly recommended to refrigerate this fruit. The cut slices of apples undergo oxidation and turn brown. To prevent this, try sprinkling salt over the pieces. Immersing them in lime juice can also prevent this action. It is advisable to consume apples within a day or two after purchasing.

Pears: Similar to that of apples, these fruits also tend to get oxidized when exposed to air. Use the same techniques (as of apples) to preserve these fruits. Pears go stale in a quick time and it is suggested to get only required amount of fruits.

Grapes: As you get the fruits home, wash them thoroughly and give enough time for them to get dried up before refrigerating it. Make sure that you don’t pluck the fruits out of stem to refrigerate. While eating, pluck a handful of grapes and get rid of the dirt by washing thoroughly.

Water melon: If you are all alone, it’s almost impossible for you to eat an entire watermelon at one go. Wrap the left over fruit with a plastic food wrap before refrigerating. The cut slices should be consumed in less than 30 minutes. Confine only to one or two of these fruits when you order for fruit basket delivery UK.

Tips To Make Your Fruits Stay Fresh

Strawberries: Preserving of strawberries is a hectic job. Any presence of moisture can result in fungus formation. Ensure that it is not stored in damp conditions. Before storing these fruits, detach the leaves and clean the fruits. After allowing them to dry up, store them in an air tight container.

Pomegranate: In comparison to other fruits mentioned above, pomegranates can stay fresh for a longer time. Deseed the fruit and store in an air tight container. You can store this fruits for about a week when refrigerated.

Mangoes: Preserving cut slices of mangoes isn’t a good idea! Consume this fruit as soon as possible. If you have to preserve the slices, sprinkle some salt on top of it before refrigerating. The best way to store mangoes is to extract the pulp and place it in a freezer. Consume this pulp in less than 3 weeks.

Pineapples: You can’t consume this whole fruit for sure. The best way to store it is to de-skin it, remove the stem and then refrigerate it. Sprinkle lime juice on the fruit slices. Consume the fruit within a couple of days.

Kiwi: Unlike other fruits storing slices of this fruits isn’t recommended. Being volatile, the cut slices lose all their moisture. Always refrigerate the whole fruit.

Bananas: You can find bananas either in yellow or yellow with brown flecks. If you find them green, wrap them with a paper bag until they are ripen. Unlike other fruits, avoid refrigerating the bananas.

Understand that storage procedures are not same for every fruit. Your worries in this context start when you get the fruits in bulk. Make sure to get rid of wax coating for the fruits which are consumed with their skin.

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