Top 5 Myths Associated With Dental Implants You Must Know

There are many options available for dental restoration these days. Dental implants are inarguably the best solution available. There are several parameters that can be deployed to measure the effectiveness of restoration methods, and oral health, oral functions, comfort, longevity and aesthetics are some of the most important ones.

Top 5 Myths Associated With Dental Implants You Must Know

The technological advancements that have occurred in this contemporary time have developed some of the best available materials that can be deployed in dental implants. However, as this field has developed, the myths and misinformation related to it have also grown.

This discourages patients to undergo dental implants, and they are devoid of a chance to improve their lives and live happily. Thus, it becomes more important to debunk these myths and help people smile again.

Myth One: It will be extremely painful to have a dental implant.

With the help of Nitrous Oxide and anesthesia, a patient undergoes a nearly painless procedure and will remain comfortable. This also makes the implant procedure less complicated for the doctors and reduces the anxiety for the patients.

Myth Two: Anyone can have dental implants.

Most people believe that any one can have dental implant. But in order to have one, a patient must have strong bone tissue in his or her mouth. Only a strong bone tissue can support a dental implant. A well-trained doctor can easily distinguish between strong and weak bone tissues.

Myth Three: Dental implants can fall out any time.

Dental implants are made of special class composite material, mostly titanium, which are long lasting and give great results. According to the American Dental Association, dental implants have a success rate of around 95 percent. Failure, though rare, does occur. It is generally due to the failure of the implants to attach to the jawbone. But a well-trained doctor can easily minimize these chances.

Myth Four: Dental implants are expensive when compared to other options.

Dental implants cost more initially than the other options available like dentures or dental bridges. But, in the long run, they are more cost effective as they are known for longevity. The average life span for a dental implant is 25 years. Dental bridges have an average life span of five to seven years and need constant replacement. So they become expensive in the long run.

Myth Five: Migraines or headaches are common in people with dental implants.

There are no available records that show any relation between migraines or headaches and dental implants. People do have headaches after the implant, but that is due to dental implant procedure and is not a long-term problem. So, one should not restrain from dental implant procedure over the fear of migraine or headache.

Dental implants are completely safe and have many benefits over other dental procedures. Due to advances in science, the best option available is a dental implant.

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