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How To Install A Fireplace At Home

Adding a fireplace to your home repairs list for a successful living room renovation is a great idea. Follow these handy tips. And make sure you have a handy moving company around so that you can use a van hire service, if they offer one. A moving can will make the transportation process quite easier, since you will have a number of things to move about.

For the easiest installation, choose a direct vent gas fireplace. This can be installed on any type of exterior wall and it will vent directly out the back. You will start with building your frame. Cut 2 x 10s and nail them together to make a platform. Nail 2 x 4 cleats on the bottom and 3/4 inch plywood to the top. This is, of course, standard measuring – you might have different measurements, so be prepared to change the scales.

Slide the fireplace into place on the platform. Apply sealant around the collar. You will need a sealant with stove temperature or higher. Next, you will slide the first vent pipe over the collar and lock it in place. You may require a gasket to seal the joint between the vent and the fireplace.

Next, you will need a 90 degree elbow and a 9-inch straight section. Connect them together and ensure they meet the exterior wall at 90 degrees. Trace a circle around the pipe, then mark a 12 inch square around the circle.

Using a drywall saw, cut the 12 inch square. Ensure that there is not a stud in the way. If there is no stud, frame the 12 inch opening. Drill a 3/7 inch hole in the wall in each corner. Now, you will need to cut out the 12 inch square on the exterior to remove the siding.

Replace the insulation and drywall. It would be great if you can reuse the old piece, but you may not be able to if it is too damaged. Seal the drywall seams with caulk. Outline the opening with caulk. Add the interior fire-stop against the caulk and screw it into the wall.

Slide a pipe into the vent, through the fire-stop. Then, seal the gap with high temperature silicone caulk. Next, go to the exterior side and slide the combination fire-stop and vent termination into telescoping section. Screw it to the wall and caulk it to keep it sealed.

Set the fireplace where you desire it and screw the platform down. Now is the time to run the new gas line. At this point, you will be ready to add a mantle. Check out your local hardware store for various options. Pay the movers for the removal van service, clear out the mess in front of the fireplace and test it out. If something’s not right… well, you still have the moving company to get you away from the mess.

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