What To Expect In Rehab

You will no doubt feel a little broken, disoriented and anxious when you check into rehab. This is normal and these feelings will pass once you have settled in, met your roommate and familiarized yourself with the surroundings.

After you have settled into the rehab facility and met your counsellors and fellow travellers on the road to sobriety, you will start to feel a little more at ease. Each facility and program is different, but after check-in you will probably have a few hours free time to wander around and familiarize yourself with where everything is before your welcoming session. Take this opportunity to meet a few of the other clients. If you are the shy type and have a hard time walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself, don’t worry. You can almost be guaranteed that someone will introduce themselves to you.

All but the most high-end rehab centers offers some version of shared sleeping accommodation. Before committing to a particular rehab facility inquire about the sleeping arrangements – this is especially important if you are reluctant to share a room. If this is the case, stay away from these programs and continue searching for something you will be more comfortable with. Some of these facilities have more than two to a room. Ask before committing. Given what you are going through it may be a good thing to have a roommate – it’s nice to have someone talk to. Not that you will be in your room much except for sleeping.

These places tend to keep you very busy – if you are not attending class or eating meals, you will find yourself doing assigned chores (that’s right – everyone works – nothing too difficult: sweeping, clearing and wiping tables, emptying ashtrays). You will also be occupied in the evenings with 12 step program meetings, meditation, walks, movies and recreational activities such as bowling. Generally speaking you are not permitted to leave the property for the first little while, and when you are allowed to leave it is for a limited time period and you will be required to sign in and out.

Most facilities do not allow electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones so be sure to check your Facebook before checking in. That is not to say that you will be completely cut off from the outside world .You will have access to a phone should the need arise. All this is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand – that of getting yourself better.

There are no guarantees of success by merely attending rehab – you have to do the work. Remember to use the resources that you will find there. Teach yourself about your addiction, read the literature, talk to your colleagues and ask question of your counsellors and guest speakers.

You will find yourself getting more and more comfortable as time goes on. So much so that when it’s time to leave, you will not want to go. Rehab is a very warm and safe environment making it difficult to leave.

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