Seeking Effective Drug Addiction Treatment – What You Need To Know

Drug addiction is a serious problem that can affect not only your life, but other lives around you. This disease has caused many people to lose their family, jobs and even their life. That is why seeking drug addiction treatment is very important to help you get your life back together.

With drug addiction treatment there is not just one treatment plan that can help everyone. Each person is different and requires different treatments for recovery. In fact, for most people recovering from a drug addiction is not just a one-time thing. There is a great chance for a relapse, which is why drug addiction treatment is long-term process.

Seeking Effective Drug Addiction Treatment - What You Need To Know

Types of Treatments:

There are several types of treatments for those suffering from a drug addiction. These treatment options include medication, rehabilitation and therapy. Based on the addiction you are dealing with, and the patient’s individual needs, the treatment will vary.

When dealing with treatment medications, they are prescribed based on the drug the patient is addicted to. For example, methadone, and naltrexone are given to those addicted to opioids such as morphine or oxycontin. Buprenorphine could be used to treat an addiction to heroin. However, for addictions to stimulants like cocaine, there are not currently medications to for this drug addiction treatment. That is why rehabilitation or therapy is recommended.

Rehabilitation and Therapy:

Rehabilitation can be done inpatient or outpatient based on the individual’s needs. The patient may also partake in group therapy and/or individual therapy. This type of drug addiction treatment is designed to help return patients to productive functioning within their families, and jobs.

Studies have shown that those who participate in therapy treatment are less likely to return back to drug and criminal activity. However, like any addiction, the patient has to be willing to participate in order to manage their addiction successfully.

Like any addiction, drug addiction treatment can be even more effective if the patient has a good support system such as family or friends. This support system can help a drug addict get motivated to seek treatment and remain in the program. Some family members might even be encouraged to participate in therapy.

For inpatient long-term residential care, the treatment is provided 24 hours each day, with planned stays between three and twelve months. This treatment is very structured and all of the activities throughout the day help the patients more about themselves and learn new patterns for their behavior to help prevent a relapse.


For those dealing with drug addictions, it is crucial to get drug addiction treatment. Whether medications, therapy, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation is recommended, the patient will find that this treatment helps rid them of their drug addiction and prevent a relapse. If you are a family member or friend of a drug addict, you might find it hard to get him or her to seek the treatment he or she needs, but with a support system, they will be able to find success in their drug addiction treatment.

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