LSD Addiction In North Peoria: How It’s Affecting The Brains Of Users

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Much has yet to be learned about healthy brain function, but this much is known: under normal circumstances different “centers” in the brain are active—areas shown to be related to sensory perception such as visual interpretation have been identified.  In fact, research indicates that more “sight” happens in the brain than in the eyes themselves, explaining such phenomena as the differences in eye witness accounts at the scene of an accident.

LSD Addiction In North Peoria: How It’s Affecting The Brains Of Users

So how do psychotropic drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) cause visual and other hallucinations? Research indicates that such hallucinations may be the result of the drug breaking down the otherwise separate communication networks in the brain.

While LSD use, in general, has been on a more than 20 year decline, it still exists in some circles and the North Peoria community is hoping to get rid of it with the new drug rehab in North Peoria.  LSD is also used in some controversial forms of therapy.  LSD is also used in some “date rape” drugs.  A study found that 2/3 of admitted LSD-users surveyed chose to take the drug to try to escape memories of past abuse.

Possible LSD Effects Include:

  • Hallucinations (usually visual or auditory or both)
  • Delusion
  • Paranoia, nervousness, agitation and suspiciousness
  • Mood swings, depression or anxiety
  • Schizophrenia (sometimes lasting)
  • Increased tolerance to the drug, requiring more to create the same effects
  • Suicidal thoughts and feelings

LSD is also known for “flashback” potential, meaning that a user may re-experience previous effects of the drug, including earlier hallucinations, at later times in life.  Flashbacks can occur even many years after stopping use, with an increased likelihood of flashback in users with a heavy drug history.  Even one use of LSD has been known to cause flashbacks later in life. Environmental stressors, such as emotional stress or physical excursion may also factor in triggering flashbacks. Oftentimes its difficult for a previous drug user to receive these flashbacks from LSD therefore they are welcome to join a substance addiction North Peoria center for help on this and how to handle this flashback when it occurs.

Brain scans (such as MEG’s and fMRI’s) of users and former users are leading to an increased understanding of the effects of LSD on the brain. More research needs to be done to determine if the same effects from earlier use are present at the moment of a flashback.  Presently, it appears that LSD may cause lasting breakdowns in the communication channels of an otherwise healthy brain.

Even though LSD use, overall, is on the decline, North Peoria residents should be wary of LSD users and former LSD users.  Appropriate treatment programs at the drug rehab North Peoria can also assist with safely “waiting out” flashbacks, under guidance, so that former users can maintain a functional life.

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