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8 Packing Tips To Help You Pack Perfectly For You Move

Packing is an important part of moving and mustn’t be hurried, otherwise you could end up facing the consequences of damaged goods. If you don’t want to fork out on professional packers for your relocation, why don’t you give it a go yourself? Here are some useful tips on packing for you to follow. Follow these 8 packing tips now for easy home removals.

1. Pack Early

Don’t pack at the last minute. You need to pack as early as you can. So start now. You could even try packing a box a day. Over time, it will add up and before you know it you will be all packed up. Packing early is a good start and gets you well prepared in advance just in case there are any problems.

2. Get Supplies

Of course, you can’t possibly pack until you have all your packing supplies. You will need things like boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap etc. You can get free boxes from your local supermarket – and although used, they’ve only been used once and will most likely be very sturdy.  Make sure you get all your packing materials well in advance and don’t leave until the last minute because you can’t pack until you have the right tools.

3. Label up!

The number one rule: remember to label up all your boxes before your relocation! You must not forget this because if you do, you will end up with so much more stress on your plate than you started with. Unpacking is always far easier when your boxes are well labeled. You can clearly see which box belonging to which room and it’s just so much easier.

4. One Room at a Time

Pack one room at a time. That is the easiest way to pack your belongings for your removals. You can just move through your rooms, one at a time, and then you won’t have mess everywhere, all over the house. It will be far more organized this way. By approaching packing this way, you’ll only have one room at a time in a mess – not every room of the home.

5. Get Rid of Unwanted Things

However, you mustn’t forget to get rid of the things you no longer want or need before you start packing. What is the point in taking things you don’t use? It just costs you more money and wastes so much space. Have a clear out, donate the things you don’t want to a charity shop or sell it online if you want to earn a bit of money.

6. Don’t overfill

Whatever you do, don’t overfill your boxes. This Is a recipe for chaos. You’ll either end up with a load of broken items if the box breaks or a terrible back injury. Either way, none of these make a good start for home removals. So don’t put too much in each box to avoid any problems and injuries.

7. Heavy Items at the Bottom

Yet again, it’s something that sounds simple but we’ll remind you so you don’t forget and risk damaging your lighter items. Place your heavy belongings at the bottom of the box and place your lighter objects on top. This way, nothing will get squashed.

8. Make an Essentials Box

Make a box full of your essentials that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home. Include things like your toothbrush, kitchen items, towels, a change of clothes etc. It saves you having to fish through all your boxes to find what you need urgently.

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