Creative Gift Ideas For Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem is the most sacred month for all Muslims around the world. It is the month to collect countless blessings from Allah SWT and to indulge in supplication with your heart and soul to get pleased with the bounties of Allah. Ramadan is also very enthusiastic because it is celebrated with zest and zeal and it brings all Muslims closer regardless of any discrimination. Like all countries, Ramadan is widely celebrated with love and joyfully welcomed by Pakistanis as well.

In Pakistan, Ramadan holds a great value to bring families together and enjoy the luscious foods at each other’s place on Iftar or Sehr. People share joyful gifts on this auspicious occasion to spread happiness among their loved ones. Relatives who live abroad take special interest to greet the arrival of this holy month by sending gifts to Pakistan to their families. They miss the chance to be with families in this holy month and thus they like to compensate by offering joyful gifts for loved ones.

So if you are planning to send some exciting gifts for your family, then you can try some of these gift ideas for Ramadan.

Ramadan Wallpaper- Earlier people used to send greeting cards to their loved ones to send joyful wishes for the holy month. Now the trend has changed so you can send a beautiful wallpaper with some ecstatic picture of Masjid e Haram or Masjid e Nabwi with words written “Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem”.

Ramadan Books- People usually like to read Islamic books in Ramadan especially those related to various prayer guides. So you can send some Ramadan books collection for your parents to let them enjoy their prayers with zeal.

Ramadan Story Books for Kids- Kids take special interest in Ramadan rituals and they would certainly like to know about its history and background. So you can send them some Ramadan related story books which would be an exciting addition to their shelves.

Fasting Basket- You can entice your entire family by sending them a scrumptious fasting gift basket. The basket contains mouthwatering dates, fruit juices, spicy sauce bottles that can be used with pakoras or chaat and some fruits to get nutritious values.

Oud & Attar Fragrance- Oud and Attar are very traditional smells from Arabian culture and they create a very exotic ambiance in house. Attar is used by gents while they go for prayers especially for Juma prayers. So you can send some fascinating smells of Oud and Attar for your family to mesmerize their house with beautiful fragrances during Ramadan.

Dates Gift Box- Although dates are available in abundance during Ramadan but you can send them special dates variety which comes with unique flavors like chocolate dates, dates with nuts, Ajwa, roasted almond dates and so on. This would be an amusing gift with respect to Ramadan and your family will get the chance to enjoy unique variety of dates in the season.

There can be plenty of other creative ideas that one can create and make it an exclusive gift for Ramadan to rejoice your family.

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