6 Ways To Get A Relief From Lower Back Pain

The United States have experienced back pain as the fifth most common reason for which people visit doctors. Having a medical treatment will help you to cure the pain immediately, but to have a long-term relief, it is better to put some efforts from your end.

It is true that lower back pain is unbearable. It causes so much of discomfort that you are neither able to sit nor stand. For those who have to work on a desk, life can be miserable with a lower back pain. The only option thus visible is to take a painkiller. Exercises, proper diet, an adequate treatment and a few simple adjustments in the daily routine can be very helpful to get rid of the pain.

6 Ways To Get A Relief From Lower Back Pain

This article shares some easy measures which will help you to cure your lower back pain in an effective manner. Try to incorporate them in your daily schedule to get a long term relief from back injuries and pain.

  1. Exercise

When your backs hurt, all you can think is to lay back and rest. But it is only later that you will realise that the relief from resting is temporary. While if you continue with physical activity, you can decrease the inflammation and muscle tension. Exercising helps to keep your back joints lubricated, loose and thus pain-free.

There are specific low-impact workouts that can cure your pain.  Consider approaching your physical trainer for the same. Try to include walking, cycling, swimming, or yoga in your daily routine. These exercises causing low impact will work for a long term pain relief. On the other hand, activities, like running or jumping rope, can create a very high impact. Thus, those high impact workout should be avoided as far as possible.

  1. Posture is important

Wrong posture is the most common reason for lower back pain. While it feels very comfortable to slouch and sit all day but it massively destroys your back. To prevent this from happening, keep a check on your posture and look for a chair that supports your spine. Put the least stress on your back. While working, opt for standing for a while. Standing is a good way to enhance overall health.

  1. Lifting can be dangerous

People with lower back problems are always advised to avoid lifting heavy objects. It is important to follow proper lifting techniques to prevent any kind of serious back injuries. Whenever you require lifting an object, bend your knees and squat to raise the object from legs. Make sure that the object is closer to the body while you raise it.

Never lift the object from your back or bend over to pick it. If you wish to drag an object, always push it rather than pulling it. Pushing is more comfortable to your back.

  1. Sleeping Posture

They way you sleep also has a lot of impact on your back pain. The best way to sleep is to lay on your side with knees pulled towards you. Or if you wish to sleep straight resting on your back, put pillows under your knees and lower back for extra support.

Sleeping on your stomach can give dangerous impact on your back as it is then the back which is facing all the body pressure alone. One should avoid doing it, but if you are in a habit of sleeping in this position, try to put pillows under your knees and lower back for extra support.

  1. Adequate Diet Is Important

The extra weight that your body carries constructs a lot of pressure on your back. It strains the back muscles thus causing excessive pain. One should always work to stay within the range of ideal weight. Anything beyond 10kgs of ideal weight is bad your back.

  1. Preferable Treatments

A good Orthopedist physician can help you to end your pain. There are various treatments and therapies which can sooth your back and improve its condition. Some Therapies included  Conservative Treatments like:

Physical therapy: This is one of the most useful treatment for people suffering from neck or back pain. It primarily uses ice and heat modalities to aid the back pain.

TENS Unit: Electrical impulses are employed by such machines to work on the area of pain.

Traction: pulleys are used to stretch the neck gently giving relief in nerve related pain.

Living with back pain can be very painful. You need to limit yourself while suffering a back problem. More than anything else, the amount of irritation it causes affects your social and emotional harmony. It is preferable to control the pain before it becomes a controller of your life. Work on the tips mentioned above and try to incorporate them in your life. A little effort towards good health can promise a shining future. Make sure you don’t regret in future about your present’s lazy attitude.

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