Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV

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Many houses need proper video security and we may not be able to afford the expensive, professional installation service. In some cases, CCTV installation professionals are not available in our area. In this situation, it is a good idea to have basic knowledge in DIY CCTV installation in this is a good way to improve the security of our house. We will need to have enough knowledge on wiring techniques. However, we should be aware that improper handling could cause damages. We should follow any safety practice. The first thing that we need to do is to plan the proper camera installation procedure. The daily lighting condition of the area is essential. We shouldn’t choose very dark areas that make it very hard to detect or identify someone. We also need to avoid very bright location with glare that’s directed to the camera. If we need to install the camera in darker areas, we should choose models with light amplification or infra red features. For this reason, it won’t be easy to properly choose the location for our camera.

Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV

It is important to know factors that will affect the views of the camera. The distance from the object should also be considered. As an example, if the door and windows are located too far from the camera, we will have problem identifying someone who is breaking to the house. A standard camera with 3.6mm lens should be adequate for a 500sq. ft. room and we need more capable cameras for bigger rooms. We need cameras with lens that have longer focal length, if we want to detect and identify someone from a greater distance. It is also a good idea to use cameras with variable focus lens, which allows us to manually zoom and unzoom from the control room. However, it is possible only if the camera is constantly manned by someone from the control room. Even so, some newer camera models include motion detection sensor and face recognition, it will zoom and focus automatically on the face of the perpetrator. However, such camera can be quite expensive and we need to determine whether we have enough budgets to do this.

It is important for us to maximize the coverage of the camera and this will allow us to get the most out of our optical detection system. It means that camera views shouldn’t overlap. In order to avoid overexposure, IR cameras shouldn’t be pointed on one another. This is actually one of the most common mistakes and both cameras can be rendered unusable at some situations. Before installing cameras, we should make sure that it’s actually possible to place cables to the location. Wiring can be among the most consuming time during CCTV installation. Alternatively, we could use Siamese cable that is easier to run and less bulky. Siamese cable will allow for neater and cleaner installation. Preferably, there are power outlets near the area and we can use the RG6 cable.

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