Everyone is aware of the latest wedding of the Bollywood Superstar, Bipasha Basu, who married her ‘Alone’ boyfriend, Karan Singh Grover. The wedding was a much talked about the affair with the Bollywood and the media and finally came to a loving note after the long affair. The couple looked dashing on their wedding, where Bipasha Basu was seen wearing an elegant bridal outfit and Karan Singh Grover dressed up himself in an Indian attire. The couple had the ceremonies as per the Bengali tradition and so had both the outfits styled the same way. The wedding was graced by many famous celebrities and was a big bash for everyone. The couple has posted a number of beautiful pictures on the social media websites, while holding hands, kissing each other and showing respect to one another. People might have forgotten the celebrations for now, but the couple is still in the celebratory mode and we wish that they continue to stay happy forever.

Today, I got to see an another candid picture of Mrs. Bipasha Basu Singh Grover which is her new name post wedding. Her first post-wedding picture evidently illustrates how glowy and blissed she is. The lady was seen wearing an elegant piece of apparel in off-white and golden combination with the most unique and lovely sling bag in her hand, which makes it a must have for every newly wedded bride. The Bengali beauty also dazzled in her deep red vermillion and her golden jewellery.

The wedding affair is all over and has marked the beginning of the next journey which is the most romantic and exciting period in every couple’s life, The Honeymoon Period. The plannings for the same start way early even before the preparations of the wedding, and for a girl it is much more than just booking of the itinerary, the hotel, and the destination. The woman has to think about a lot of many items from her make up to jewellery, from her attires to footwears, from her intimate apparels to bathrobes too. These all stuff kept her baffled up until she is done with the honeymoon. I am sure Mrs. Basu has also planned for the same since very long and fortunately she has a full-fledged team behind her to plan for every single item that she could carry along with her on her romantic journey.

Brides no matter what sphere of life they come from totally deserve all the love and adulation they can get. They want to be pampered, have the best of apparel and jewellery at their disposal. As the D-day arrives, the jittery bride needs all the attention and help she can get from her peers and family. The pressure to look the best after all, takes a toll on everyone, especially when it comes to weddings.

Everyone is not as lucky as Bipasha Basu, and therefore, to have  a head start on some things that can help any bride is worth noticing. So, I am going to discuss a few women’s fashion tips and girls tops which one can carry to her honeymoon time. And how online shopping fashion can help you with the same while keeping you away from the scorching heat of the sun and still getting you with the best women’s fashion dresses in the latest styles and designs.


Online shopping fashion is a boon today for all the women, whether she is working or getting married or has just stepped into her teenage life. The mechanism allows you to stay at home and shop the best stuff for you while getting tanned in the scorching heat or encountering the chilly winds outside. When a woman steps into her new life after marriage, she needs to be very careful of what she buys and what she plans to wear every single day. I know how arduous it is when you are surrounded by a number of people who have their eyes on you and keep staring from head to toe and try to find out a single flaw which could help them for the gossip of the day. But when she has to go out with her soul mate for that romantic journey she feels a bit relaxed and can follow her heart to wear what she likes and feel the most gorgeous and wonderful in her attitude. But that does not mean that she can wear anything like her loose pajamas or joggers, she still needs to look the most fashionable every day so as to charm her partner every day with her new looks and style. The various kinds of girls tops that you can buy for your honeymoon while online shopping fashion at Stalkbuylove are:-


When you plan for your honeymoon, women’s fashion and tops for women need to sync with each other for a dignified look. The crop top is one of the basic girls tops styles which a lady must carry with her for the evening dates with her partner. The following two pictures depict two unique styles of using crop tops for dinner dates. Firstly, a black crop top with broad straps and a deep neckline will be the perfect top which would be alluring as well as an elegant style when you team it up with a long peach skirt. To get the finished look and flaunt the women’s fashion sense, you can pair the outfit with the black pencil heels, a stylish clutch or a sling bag, and dangle earrings for the complete ensemble. And the second style manifests a solid hue textured crop top complemented with the same shade textured knee midi skirt and the contrasting accessories (bag and shoes) and jewelry to refine the entire ensemble.



During honeymoon especially in the summers, a couple always plans to visit a beach and a basic white tee is a must have for the same reason. The white basic tee is one of the most comfortable girls tops which could be teamed up with various bottoms for the perfect women’s fashion style. You could find n number of varieties for this while shopping fashion online, looks for the best fit and fabric for you and you are ready to pack it in for the honeymoon luggage. This girl’s top could be teamed up with a pair of denim or shorts, depending upon the location you have chosen to go for, say if it is a shopping mall then you could pair the same up with denim but for the beach location, you must team it up with a pair of sexy shorts. Finally, polish the look with flip flops, a sling, and some funky jewelry.



On a honeymoon, it is impossible for the newlyweds to avoid some shopping. They would definitely try to explore the markets for the latest women’s fashion and men’s grooming trends. Obviously, you cannot stay in your honeymoon suite for the entire duration, the stamina needs to be recharged, No? So, to stroll down the markets a casual shirt and a basic tank top could be your best friend from the girls’ tops’ category. The apparel could be paired up with the pair of denim pants or trousers as you feel comfortable along with the gladiators and hobo bag for a comfy, casual outfit to allow you to walk for longer hours. Now it refines the look as per newlywed style, you could choose a few contrasting pieces of jewelry like a bracelet on one wrist, a pair of funky earrings or it could be a statement necklace for the overall outfit.



While preparing for the honeymoon luggage, online fashion shopping websites also offer a few basic tops which are forever elegant styles to be teamed up with anything. And as the summer season soars high, the plans could even be diverted to hill stations rather beach locations, so a jacket or a shawl could be even accompanied along. The basic top could be used with a stylish cargo pants or a solid hue legging for a trendy and uber chic look. And to express it more fashionably, use a scarf and wrap around the neck in a trendy way, put on the jacket to avoid chilliness and adorn your new booties which will keep your feet warm throughout the duration.


These are some of the favourite girls tops styles which could be packed for the honeymoon luggage. Getting decked up with the basic women’s fashion tips along with these girls tops is a must for every newlywed. Apart from the tops, a woman should also have an elegant one piece dress, plus one maxi or mini flowing dress, and a trendy jumpsuit which would make her honeymoon a complete package on its own. All such things are available to her via online fashion shopping websites which makes it easy to select and choose the best fit and gets it delivered at her doorsteps. Women’s fashion has no end unless and until she keeps it trying to make it innovative and trendy till her last breath, so all the newlyweds must keep trying the best of their looks and keep alluring their partners.

Happy bride is happy life, after all!!

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