The Pros and Cons Of Plastic Surgery According To The Expert Doctors

May 6, 2016 Health News No Comments

With plastic surgery becoming increasingly popular, Dr Dennis Wolf, based at a private clinic in Glasgow, stresses the importance of people thinking carefully about the pros and cons of this procedure, before making the decision to go under the knife. Following are a few tips to consider, according to Dr Wolf as well as many others in this particular medical field, whether it’s for botox, augmentation, a lift, or a small nip and tuck:

The Pros and Cons Of Plastic Surgery According To The Expert Doctors

  • Do extensive research – speak to people who have gone through the procedure, read patient reviews, and watch videos of plastic surgery to find out as much information as possible, and verify your information with the practitioner you are planning to use for your surgery
  • Find out about your practitioner – do research on your practitioner too, and find out whether or not they do indeed have the necessary qualifications  and reputation to do your procedure safely and successfully
  • Arrange a meeting with your practitioner – it is important that you feel comfortable with your practitioner before your procedure, so arrange to meet him/her face-to-face, to discuss the kind of plastic surgery you are considering. If you are told that a meeting prior to procedure is not possible, then find another practitioner more willing to see you in person, to talk about the plastic surgery you are considering
  • Ask to see before and after photos of prior patients – it will help a lot to see videos or photos of previous patients to see what results they had after surgery. This will show you what to expect from your potential practitioner. Make sure though, that these are actual photos or videos of his/her patients, and not simply generic pictures of random people who have had plastic surgery
  • Consider the risks – as with every cosmetic procedure, there will also be risks involved with the one you’re considering having, so speak to your practitioner about these risks, so that you know what to expect. Do not trust a practitioner who tells you that there are no risks involved
  • Find out about the recovery process – many patients forget about the recovery process, which is vitally important. Find out whether your procedure is walk-in, walk-out, whether you will need help when leaving the clinic, how you will get home, post-op care and follow-up visits, and so forth. Your practitioner must tell you this information before you undergo plastic surgery

The one bit of advice that most practitioners tell their patients, is to have the right reasons for wanting plastic surgery. If you are trying to look like your favorite actor/actress for instance, your expectations are unrealistic, and the practitioner will advise you against going ahead with the procedure.

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