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The Best Way To Make Your Own Baby Food

Do you have a baby or young toddler? With the current trend these days leaning towards unprocessed foods, bpa free bottles and natural ingredients, have you considered making your own baby food? Tastier and far less expensive than packaged food, your baby will be sure to love the freshness that comes along with it.

The best advantage of feeding your little one homemade food is that you know exactly what you’re putting into the food. In addition, you can use the same ingredients for the rest of the family and she will get used to eating the same foods as you.

The first thing you need to do when preparing your baby’s food is to make sure you have a decent food processor and pressure cooker or steamer. You could also buy an all-in-one baby food maker but this is an unnecessary expense. bpa free storage containers are also a must-have to store left over food.

When buying food, always select the freshest fruit and vegetables for optimal vitamin and mineral content. Great examples of fresh fruit include bananas, mangoes, pears, apples, blueberries, prunes, peaches and plums. Examples of vegetables you could buy could be carrots, squash, asparagus tips, potatoes, sweet peppers and sweet potatoes.

Once you are ready to prepare your baby’s food, always ensure that you have washed it thoroughly first. Next, you will want to boil or bake it until it is soft and then take through your processor. When you are satisfied that the food is sufficiently finely ground, it is advisable to wait until it is body temperature until feeding it to your baby.

With delicious meals like these ones, your baby really will be off to a great, healthy start in life!

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