Why Should One Invest In Farms In Noida?

Before I begin writing my views I would like to confess that I am not a property expert by any means, but I enjoy writing and am also a proud owner of a small farmhouse in Noida. Thus, I thought of sharing my views to help those who are considering making an investment. I bought a 2 Bigha farm in 2007 and feel it is one of the best investments I have made in my life. Not just financially, but the kind of peace it provides me and the compliments I get whenever someone visits my farm are worth every penny I spent on it. It gives me a great joy to give my two sons a place to run around and be wild, and live their childhood before they also get sucked up in the rat race of life.

The most important thing to consider while purchasing any piece of property, be it a farm or an apartment or a villa, is the “location” of the property. Yes, the location is highly important as several factors are associated with the location of the property. It isn’t necessary to run after property in so-called “prime” locations, but do consider the legalities, connectivity and the purpose of purchase before zeroing on the location.

Everyone has an individual choice, a person may be looking for a small farm or a big fancy farm house, one may want to create a stud farm or a poultry farm, the purpose of owning a farm house plays an important role in deciding the location of the farm house. So next after deciding the purpose and the location, one has to decide the area which one intends to buy. This would again depend on various factors such as the budget, the rate of the property, the budget of construction and maintenance, etc. You just can’t buy a farm and leave it like that. The more the area more maintenance it would require.

Another reason to invest in farms in Noida is that you can leave your polluted and populated city-life and enjoy your weekends in a peaceful and natural surroundings without having to travel for hours to-and-fro. Also, you can organize a  get-together to catch-up with your friends and family, which would be difficult if you buy a farmhouse far away. I mean what is the purpose if investing in a farm if you only get you use it once or twice in a year?

Why Should One Invest In Farms In Noida?

We like to escape to our farm as frequently as possible and specially my kids as we have our swimming pool there. Often we invite our kids’ friends and their parents to come and join us over the weekend. It is priceless to see my boys enjoy themselves while we set out the barbeque and enjoy kebabs and grilled chicken. Our farm gives us an opportunity to spend quality time as a family, and unwind and disconnect from the outside world every once in a while.