Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty

May 14, 2016 Health News No Comments

Women all over the world go under the knife every day in the pursuit of beauty that they feel nature didn’t give them. They are unhappy with their eyes, their noses, their cheeks, and various other aspects that others may not see but, to these women, these are flaws that simply must be fixed.

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Raghu Athre attends to the multiple factors that bring patients into his office. “My responsibility is not skin deep with only aesthetic concerns, but rather to address all of their functional concerns, aesthetic concerns and emotional concerns,” he says about the full scope of the type of care he gives his patients.

Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty
While all of the reasons for getting plastic surgery are personal, some of those personal needs have a lot to do with physical function. Sometimes a defect is not only unpleasant to look at, but also keeps the body from working the right way. Owen Wilson’s nose might not look pretty, but it still seems to function just fine. On the other hand, there are plenty of victims of broken noses who continue to have difficulty breathing after their noses have healed. These patients, both men and women, would do well to seek the help of a plastic surgeon.

The common thought is that women who go under the knife for aesthetic reasons are doing it for someone else. Maybe they want to attract or keep a man by looking more youthful. Like all stereotypes, this one has its root in a little bit of fact. There are women who choose to undergo plastic surgery for these reasons. However, according to Australian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bryan Mendelson, a vast majority of women are doing it for themselves. How does he know this? “99.99% of my patients hide eyelid surgery, chin tucks and other facial operations from their husbands and kids.”

Slice Me Up To Make Me Pretty
If such a vast majority of procedures are being hidden, then why are these women going through the risk of surgery to obtain results that they hope no one else will notice? It speaks to the final point that Dr. Athre made: emotional concerns. Dr. Mendelson backs this up: “The fact is it’s about self-esteem. They’re doing it for themselves.”

There are many ways that plastic surgery can help a woman feel better about herself. Some women describe it as finally being happy in their own looks, but they’re really saying that they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin right now. By having plastic surgery they can change that one (or two or three) thing(s) that they’ve never liked about themselves. They can enhance it, reshape it, or maybe just get rid of it all together.

When a woman looks better in her own mind, she also feels better. She feels sexier. A woman who feels sexy is also more likely to have a healthier sex life. A woman’s largest sex organ is her brain. When she feels sexy, she acts sexy, and she and her partner both enjoy having a good time in the bedroom–or elsewhere!

Whether a woman is thinking about a minor procedure such as injections or she’s considering taking the more drastic step of going under the knife, her reasons and her decision making process are her own. If you are considering plastic surgery, the opinions of others can be important tools in deciding what to do. You should consult with a doctor and you may consult with family and friends, but the final decision is yours to make and when you make your decisions you must finally decide for yourself.

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