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How to Prevent Common Pains through Exercise

If you want to stay fit, you have to be friends with common body pains. It’s quite true. Body pain can occur in anyone who consumes most of the day in physical working, moves to much and remains in standing position for longer than usual.

In this article, Wynn fitness club shares information about most common body pains; knee pain and back pain. The fitness club operates on a number of locations in Canada, and has been quite popular.

For Knee Pain

If you’re going through knee pain or an injury, you may be afraid that exercising might prolong the pain. Reality is quite opposite of it.

Exercises for Knee Pain

Here are few recommended exercises:

You can join a fitness center to do these exercises with proper training.

For Back Pain

Cycling is a good example to understand the back pain. Many people think cycling is a leg-based exercise, but this is not true. Apart from the basic moving joints of ankles, knees and hips, your upper body is also engaged in cycling.

If a person is riding with his hips tilting sideways, it’s a sign of muscles becoming fatigued or not fully engaged.

Exercise for back pain

Back pain can be prevented by strengthening the core muscles in abdomen, pelvis, hips and lower back. With strong core muscles, you can easily avoid back injuries by maintaining proper balance and stabilizing your body on sharp turns. There are some basic core strengthening exercises such as:

Alternatively, regular sessions of Pilates or yoga are also helpful in strengthening the core muscles.

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