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“Writing a post a day for a month” A Brilliant Deception? Here’s Why?

“Writing a post a day for a month” A Brilliant Deception? Here’s Why?

So you’ve started a new blog? Excited and curious to discover all that is there to offer and earn tons of money? It is easier said than done. As a budding blogger, your first priority is to establish a good reader base so as to maximise your profits and become successful. For that you must invest considerable time, effort and hard work gradually moving up the scale instead of resorting to shortcuts.

But sometimes even after applying all those banners and ruthlessly advertising your blog you don’t get the desired results. It results in the newbie being vulnerable and gullible to the various lures and dangerous traps that are available online that might lead to a dead end in their blogging career even before it starts up properly. The reason behind this is that the basic purpose of the blog is copied and not original. A blog must be a way of self-expression and innovation not an outsourced idea.

One such trap is the misconception that inviting guest bloggers or making guest posts on other blogs is a sure shot way to increase your reader base. This is a sham for it just makes you a one hit wonder. Moreover your identity remains anonymous so the reader doesn’t know it’s you. It will not contribute to your popularity.

The blog trap that we’ll be talking about today is the apparently easy “writing a post per day for a month.” Sounds easy? Right? It’s a sham. A lie! It is one of the most dangerous goal/idea that you can possibly adopt for it is impossible to write quality content regularly and also maintain the reader base! No one has ever got it right! The biggest problem with this idea is the choice of a topic that has to be vast enough to provide interesting content for 30 articles.

Also because of this the blogger might lose his focus, become frustrated and end up deleting his blog. We live in a world where there is a lot of aggressive competition, and being a newbie isn’t an easy feat! You have to be really passionate and innovative about your content to get the attention of the reader. There are millions of bloggers out there who are much better at their work but using shortcuts is not the way you can achieve success. For it may give you temporary profits but ultimately will lead to your loss.

Limiting your blog to a particular time frame is also not healthy for the growth of the newbie for he is under immense pressure to perform. He concentrates solely on quantity and not quality of his content. This leads to a stunted growth of the budding blogger as he is providing huge bulk of content at the cost of his creativity. He loses his ability to think outside the box.

Blogging becomes a tiresome job to him rather than something that he can enjoy. And this is one of the biggest drawbacks of this idea. Initially the blogger might be super excited and thrilled about it but gradually it becomes cumbersome for him. The quality of his content decreases day by day.

Even if the blogger is passionate about his content, it is impossible to fit in all his knowledge in 30 posts! As a budding blogger you must beware of such shams and traps disguised as innovative and profitable ideas. The conventional way of starting small and gradually making your way up the scale is the best if you want to make it big in the blogging world. After all, slow and steady always wins the race!

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