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Call Routing – A Best Way To Manage Calls

Call Routing – A Best Way To Manage Calls


It can be defined as a mechanism that helps in routing the calls to a discrete representative on the grounds of pre-set principles at any time of the day when a caller person dials a business support number. Call Routing can also be called as Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). Over a period of time, this system became a solution to hardware. These days, large number of these engines are fragments of CTI i.e. Computer Telephony Integration System. It allows the users to regulate the routing calls. The team of LCR can occasionally opt from various carrier destinations around the world. No support of Information Technology is taken to allow routing process. Routing the engines goes under many segments. The calls that are established on a particular advertising module can consequently merge with the ACD to find a solution for this process.


According to the various types of sales people, intelligentcall routing can be of particular types, which is used for creating a connection between various inbound callers. Following are the types of Call Routing:

Advantages that comes along with Call Routing

There are n number of advantages that comes along with intelligent call routing, this process can be effective in case of shaping HR expenses and managing the representatives efficiently. The main purpose of this process is that the calls received should be made accessible to the agents who are in range so that the calls do not get missed or are sent to the voicemail. It will help in reducing the cost of the calls missed out.  This process also helps in increasing the rate of conversion so that the callers have great experience while handling calls.  Call Routing helps in making the call losses come down.  The policy followed by some organization for working through out the day helps in elevating the growth in terms of revenue.

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