Amazing Car Insurance Claims That Would Rock Your Thoughts

You and Your Car Insurance Firm

Is it true that vehicle or car (as the case may be) Insurance companies suffers a hell lot of injuries each year resulting from car accidents? Simply due to the reasons that auto insurance firms use your claims record to define your annual rates, ensuring a count-down is in your own interest. No Matter the situation, or small a claim may tend to appear, your insurer is constantly monitoring you and your moves. Even if you make more request than usual in a very short period of time, it’s obvious you could be looking at a very sarcastic increase in your signed premium as the year runs out.

Argument is predominant as many people would always argue that they’ve had no moving violations in the past ten years. In fact, the claim may be true by you, but the fact remains that you’re costing your car insurance firm a lot and that’s not a nice thing to do. Simply because you believe they will be recovering their funds back by catapulting your premium soon.

Looking Deeper

With regard to your location, residence or country of base, an average chauffeur may expected to get involved in a car crash maybe once every 7 years or so. But nonetheless, you certainly may be lucky to be one of those lucky drivers who drive on regular basis, but still have never encountered any road accident in the entire period. The truth remains that that characteristic is a premium one, whom a good number of others should envy. Having known these, getting to comprehend those guarantee that stand protecting you and your vehicle from accidents and uncertainties are also important.

Without much exaggeration, below are some of the common claims mainly gathered

Full Light Breakage: Full lights are mostly in the forefront of every car, truck or motorcycle. Probabilities are there that your full lights may crash once there is a minor jam or crash which may result from traffic-jam or excessive hold up. Sometimes, you may even be tempted by hungry bikers who take appian ways in the middle of a hold up. It happens at times in most places and situations.  

Cracks On Windscreen: You should have noticed this in several cars, and trucks. Situation of windscreen crack where the vehicle owner would have no option than to continue with the situation for even a longer period of time. Maybe until he sells off the car. These results mostly from a behind-hit. Mistakenly, your car had ran into another car out of brake failure or some other reasons etc. insurance may or may not interfere if the situation does not call for it, but if you table the matter and insist, something may be done.

Damaged Wiper: Damaged wiper doesn’t occur that frequently. In situations where it is rampant, then it’s either people have taken it as a retaliating factor to pull out and damage the windscreen wiper of offenders. Or drivers who often go against traffic rules, cos havoc and intend to run aways etc.

Packed car problems: Packed car problems can at times be very humorous and calls for laughter. You just can’t explicate all the situations that may follow. Ranging from a swinging door crash to hit and run by bikers, other vehicles etc. Even in situations when you’re packed in the right lot, possibilities are that some people can unfortunately scratch your vehicle and immediately zoom off if you’re far-fetched.