Few Things You Should Not Do When Renting A Car

Today people rent cars for all occasions and necessities. According to the statistics, the US car rental companies make about 24 billion dollars a year. They have about 1.857 million cars to rent and 18,293 rental locations all over USA. So many people rent cars these days, and it may look like it is an easy process, but sadly it’s not. There are few things that you should be careful about.

When we plan to rent a car for any purpose, we all have some basic questions like how much will be the rent? Can I take the car outside the city? Should I get an additional insurance for this? Here are few things you should not do while renting a car. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Preparing for gasoline –

Prepaid gasoline charges are very appealing to all of us. People consider prepaid gasoline tanks, so they do not have to worry about it while travelling. Many people rent cars to go to the airport and catch a flight in time. Car rental companies take advantage of this situation and make people fall for this offer.

If you have to go to the airport, then check whether you have enough time to refuel your tank. Do not depend on the car renting company, because it is always cheaper to refill your fuel tank yourself, rather than paying the renting company to do it for you.

  • Crossing the borders –

Many car renting companies do not allow you to take the car outside the international borders. If you are planning to travel outside the international borders, make sure you choose renting company, which allows you to take the car outside borders.

Your car rental insurance may not cover your international rental charges. Hence, check whether you get an additional insurance cover to pay for your international trip.

  • The final inspection –

One of the most common scams pulled by car renting companies is by imposing damage charges to people renting the cars. Make sure you have an agent with you when you are dropping off or picking up the car. Many Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles claim damages and it’s their word against your word. If you are renting a luxury car, then it is best to take pictures and videos at the drop off.

  • Potential offers –

If you are planning a trip, then it is best to start off by reserving a low priced car at first. It is possible that you might be eligible for potential offers. During busy times, low priced cars get unavailable, and in that case, you might get upgraded versions for free to a high priced car. It is best to wait for your luck or get potential offers for free.

It is very important that you look over every small aspect while renting a car. Make sure you get all the necessary details about renting the car you like, before taking the car for the trip. Do not skip any information and update your insurance cover for emergency.

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