Forskolin – a comprehensive review of dosage, precautions and side effects

Nowadays lot of people started using forskolin in the gym. Its popularity has brought it from lab to gym. The reason behind this is it helps in yielding more results from the training. It helps in burning fat and balance a healthy level of testosterone in the body.


Being an anti-inflammatory component, it has effects on cellular structure through enhancing the activation of enzymes. In many body functions and mechanisms enzymes play a major role. Starting from 1970 forskolin is being used in the treatment of variety of heart related issues. This is because of its characteristic to improve blood flow and enhance the heart muscle contractions. It even has some effect on relaxation of blood vessel.

Studies have also proved that forkolin is even effective in suppressing allergic responses of the body. It even can reduce the activities of cancer cells. Its effect on some other areas is yet to be proved. However, the positive effect of forskolin on weight loss, urinary tract infections and heart related issues is well and proved long back.


Dosage of forskolin always depends on the reason for the prescription. There is no general dose recommended. Dosage may even depend on the age and prior health conditions. The proper information on age, complete health history and weight of the individual should be provided to the doctor before he prescribes the dosage.

The suggested dose reducing body fat and enhancing testosterone levels is 250 mg. ten percent of forskolin supplement should be taken twice a day. While purchasing precaution should be taken on the percent of forskolin. It can range from 10 percent to 20 percent.

This should be taken before meals. Dosage taken before workout can improve muscle contractions and enhanced exercise performance. When taken before meals, it even improves the appetite. 

Side effects:

There is no proper information on long-term side effects from forskolin pills. Studies have not conducted or revealed much information on this. As per the available information, when taken properly as per expert’s prescription, it usually won’t cause any side effects. But precaution should be taken because like other few supplements its effect varies from individuals. If one is already diagnosed with certain medical conditions, there may be conditions on forskolin dosage. Even in cases like,  if the individual is already taking some medications which should not be taken along forskolin then experts suggest to avoid the dosage.

When given the dose as intravenous injection, forskolin may initiate incidents of low blood pressure and cause flushing. In asthma patients may experience throat related issues. It can even cause restlessness, shakiness and coughing when inhaled. In glaucoma and other eye related treatments, patients may experience stinging sensation in their eyes.

Forskolin is a supplement extracted from coleus plant. The extraction is from roots and leaves of the plant. Usage of the plant can be seen from generations. Even in the traditional medicines. Today it is even used for common disorders like digestion issues, skin related problems and respiratory disorders.

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