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5 Expert Tips On Choosing A New Dentist

If you’re searching for a new dentist that you can trust to take care of your smile there are many pitfalls that can happen to make your experience unpleasant.  If you know what to look for and which questions to ask you can potentially avoid a lot of annoyance and trouble.  Keep reading for our top 5 tips for choosing a new dentist.

Tip #1:  Be Up To Date On Your Dental Coverage

Dentist visits are expensive appointments so knowing what coverage you have going in is a big advantage and can determine which dentist you choose.  Certain dental insurances require that you choose a pre-approved dental professional from a list of choices.  Your dental insurer can also help you find a trusted local dentist that is a good fit for you.  Costs also vary from clinic to clinic so knowing what you will have to pay is beneficial.

Tip#2:  Get Recommendations

Talk to your family, friends, co-workers or neighbors for their experiences with their dentist in order to determine if someone has a dentist that sounds good for you.  Ask why they are giving you this recommendation so you know what they like about their dentist.  As mentioned before, your dental insurer will have a list of trusted dentists that you can be referred to as well.  You can also do a Google search for a term such as “dental clinic Nepean” where you include the location you wish to find a dentist in.

Tip #3:  Only Choose a Dentist That Is Convenient For You To Visit

Going to the dentist is already a chore in itself, so why complicate the appointment with added travel time or unsuitable appointment times.  Choose a dental clinic that is close to whether your home or your place of work so that getting there is a easy.  Also, make sure that the available appointment times coincide with times you could be available.  Some dental clinics offer weekend appointments or after hours care on a special request basis.

Tip #4:  Always Have A Consultation Before Making Your choice

The best way to get a feel for a potential dentist is to meet face-to-face for a consultation.  This allows you the time to ask all the necessary questions about qualifications, memberships, and appointment scheduling and treatment options.  This will give you the best view into whether a dentist is respectful and courteous or if you feel comfortable working with them.  You get a first-hand look at the clinic conditions, staff temperament and if the office is friendly to family dentistry.

Tip #5:  Always Visit More Than One Dentist

Before you choose a dentist to take of your teeth, make sure you visit multiple candidates so you get a feel for what makes a good dentist.  Not all practitioners are alike and what may seem like a great dental clinic may pale in comparison to another.  Better to know all your options so that you can make the best choice possible in your situation.

Finding a new dentist can be a real chore but if you do your due diligence and follow some of the tips posted in this guide, your transition will be a smooth one.

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