How To Make Jungian Psychoanalysis

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Jungian psychology is a school of psychotherapy that was originated by Carl Jung. It emphasizes on the importance of individual psyche and the personal quest for achieving wholeness.

Jungian analysis is a specialized form of psychotherapy in which the analyst and patient work hand in hand to increase the consciousness of the patient to move towards wholeness and psychological balance and to bring relief to psychological suffering. The process can help in treating a huge range of emotional disorders that people suffer from including anxiety and depression. It can also help in assisting anyone who wants to pursue psychological growth. The main center of this analysis is a realignment of different conscious and unconscious aspects of the personality to create new purpose and values.

How To Make Jungian Psychoanalysis

Jungian psychoanalysis requires both regularity and intensity. The sessions are usually held one to four more times a week. The frequency of these, however, is not predetermined. The focus of every session will be different and it will be derived form the patients’ experiences in their day to day lives, their past memories, their reflections and their feelings to such experiences, interactions with analysts, memories and so on. Another key factor in the Jungian psychoanalysis is the strength of the relationship between the patient and the analyst. Both parties have to work with serious commitment and patience but overtime, all obstacles are solved. We, as mortal beings, have three sides to ourselves including the psyche, the persona and the shadow. The psyche is the totality of the psychological processes whether they are conscious or unconscious. Our consciousness is centered by the ego. On the other hand, the self is the center of the psyche and consists of the unconscious and consciousness. The next part of the psyche is the persona. The persona is a social identity that we frequently identify with the ego. It, however, differs from the ego in more than one way. Last but not the least, we have a shadow that consists of our unconscious aspects. It consists of our personality that has never been integrated, has been rejected or lost. Once we identify with the recognized parts of our selves, we become more in line with who we are.

The Jungian psychoanalysis, therefore, is a complex procedure. It is something that requires a lot of time, effort and patience on parts of both parties to come up with a useful conclusion. People in NYC are usually on the go, trying to look for different psychoanalysts who can provide effective treatments to help them. Amongest the many psychology services in NYC, one is that of Douglas Tompkins. Tompkins is a renowned Jungian psycho analyst that provides important Jungian psycho analysis. Douglas has years of experience as a Jungian analyst. A graduate from C.G Jung institute of New York, he is a licensed psychoanalyst. He is also a member of the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association. When it comes to Jungian psychoanalysis, he is a name that you cannot forget. Known for his years of experience as a Jungian psycho analyst, he knows what he is doing and knows how to do it well. Tompkins is a renowned psycho analyst who knows how to provide effective remedies for Jungian psychoanalysis in NYC.

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