Tips For A Relaxing Recovery from Spine Surgery

Recovering from spinal surgery or any other ailment can be a very boring and challenging period. It is important for you to keep yourself stress-free and physically active. All this inactiveness can be harmful to you and it can actually delay the healing process. Consult your family physician and spine surgeon in Santa Monica; both will advise you to relax and chill out.

Tips For A Relaxing Recovery from Spine Surgery

If you or someone who is recovering from a spinal procedure is having difficulty keeping the negative emotions under control, here are few tips to help you relax both mentally and physically.

Breathe and Relax: Breathing correctly and deeply will give you strength and help you relax as well. There are many exercises that help you breathe better. These exercises are beneficial in speeding up the process of recovery and promote positive thinking as well.

Even if you are not familiar with the breathing exercises, just inhale deeply and slowly and repeat this process for 5 minutes. You’ll instantly feel that the stress and anxiety has lifted considerably.

Restorative Yoga: After consulting a highly qualified Santa Monica-based spine surgeon, post your surgery, do some light reps of restorative yoga. Initially, you can just rotate your ankles as well as wrists. Head movements can include moving it side to side. Gradually, you can add more complex ones, step by step.

Massage Therapy: Massages have always been known for releasing tension but before you opt for a massage or any other therapy, get in touch with your doctor. Whether you get a professional massage or ask a family member to give you a relaxing massage.

Meditation: Having limited or no mobility can be challenging and at times even slow down the whole process of healing. Meditation is your best solution. It will not only help you physically, it is healthy for your mind as well. Even if you have limited mobility or aren’t allowed to move frequently, you can sit or raise your bed in a sitting position. After that just breathe slowly with your eyes closed. Try to visualize any image or color that soothes you. And then keep repeating the mantra that you are well.

Aromatherapy: Along with meditation, this is another therapy for which you don’t need to consult a Santa Monica spine surgeon or a doctor. You can just order essential oils or other aromatherapy products from some very good online stores. Since ancient times, Lavender and chamomile have been considered stress busters and for their stimulating effects which lead to better sleeping patterns.

Whether you use an oil lamp, scent our pillow with a few drops or a handkerchief, everything works. A variety of aromatherapy bath products are also available. While opting for a massage, you can use essential oils instead of regular ones. You will need to research the levels of potency, which again is a very good way to pass the time when you are simply bored.

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