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Find Cheap Immigration Medical Exam In Brooklyn

Are you looking for a cheap immigration medical exam in Brooklyn? If you are an individual applying for U.S. citizenship (also known as lawful permanent residence), you must first undergo a medical examination to ensure there are no medical reasons why you may not become a permanent resident.

What You Are Required to Bring to Your Examination

While the physical exam will not take long to perform, it is necessary that you bring with you your full medical history with you. For this reason, you should spend some time before your exam to gather the following:

What the Examination Will Entail

At the beginning of your immigration medical examination, the doctor will speak with you and review your medical and vaccination history. Once this part has been completed, you will be given a standard physical, and the physician will examine, at a minimum, your eyes, ears, nose and throat, extremities, heart, lungs, abdomen, lymph nodes, skin, and external genitalia. The exam will also include and chest X-ray and blood test. Children under the age of 15 will usually not be given the X-ray or blood tests.

Pregnant women may ask that the X-ray be postponed, however, whether or not this request will be granted is dependent on the country they are immigrating from. This is due to the fact that different U.S. consulates are currently following different guidelines on this matter.

The doctor will also give you any vaccinations that you are lacking, based on a list of required vaccinations. These include:

Where to Find Cheap Immigration Medical Exam in Brooklyn

The following is a list of reputable and reliable urgent care clinics in Brooklyn that offer inexpensive immigration medical exams.

RJ Medical & Urgent Care

Located on Bay Ridge Avenue in Brooklyn, RJ Medical offers medical examinations without any need for an appointment. The walk in clinic is open from 10Am to 9PM on weekdays, 11AM to 7PM on Saturaday, and 11AM to 6PM on Sundays. The clinic opened in 2015 and treats a variety of common illnesses from allergies to Bronchitis, colds to migraines and more.

City MD

Located in Williamsburg, City MD is a member of the Premiere Care brand of urgent care centers. Board-certified doctors are able to perform your immigration medical exam, and no appointment is necessary. The clinic is open Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday through Sunday 9am to 6pm.  Services are available on a walk-in basis.


UrgentWay is located on 77th street, just a couple of streets down from the Bay Ridge Parkway. Our board-certified physicians are available seven days a week to cater to all your immediate care needs. No appointment is necessary and all our patients can just walk-in and see a doctor immediately. Besides immigration medical exams, we also offer DOT Physicals in Brooklyn, Pediatric and Adult Urgent Care, and Women’s Health. Call for an appointment, make one online, or just walk right in to see an immigration doctor.

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Jack Roberts is an expert marketer who specializes in promoting and growing physician practices. He currently works with UrgentWay walk-in clinic to help improve their online footprint and garner interest in their Urgent Care, Occupational Health and Health services.

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