Types Of Loans Offered by Hanson Capital Group

Hanson Capital Group has been in the industry ever since 2008 and has processed over $200M in transactions by helping out to procure loans to different kinds of people in different segments. We at Hanson capital believe in turning the complicated process to an easy one to have a hassle free process. Our team has come up with four easy stages to complete the loan process successfully right from where you are residing. There are multiple loan options for different kinds of people.

Single Family Loans

Single family loans are favorites for people who would like to take up loans for shorter and longer tenure, based on mortgage and income revenue. Single family loans are beneficial, as one can refinance and to use it for personal use.

Multi Family Loans

Hanson Group has been successfully processed more multifamily loans as online lenderscompared any other lenders. We specialize in this kind of loan, as we offer better benefits with lowest interest rate possible in the market. Multi Family Loans can be availed with the help of more than one family and by this the amount of income will go high to make the loan amount high.

Land Loans

Land loans are supposed the best option if you have a property. Land loans can be processed quickly and efficiently as the  chances of land value go high usually. Land loans are efficient as the land can be used to generate income to pay back the loan.

Convention or Permanent Financing

The Hanson capital group comes up with plenty of options in conventional or permanent financing as the loan deals with the right kind of financial need irrespective of income and revenue.

Cash Out Loans

Cash out loans are pretty popular as one can avail the loan quickly based on the property or assets. We look out for all the available options to cash out loans by taking collateral of minimal property possible.

Commercial Loan

Commercial loan can be used for commercial properties like a warehouse, office, Factory and so on.. One can use commercial loan options from The Hanson Capital group for personal use and can be used for business and commercial purposes.

Note Purchase Loans

The Hanson capital group provides financing for both performing and non-performing mortgage loans. Most of the financial institutions give away the performing mortgage at the lowest price to avoid wastage of time and money. In order to avoid the mortgage loss, we provide financing in a flexible way to retain the mortgage and easy options to pay back.

Mezzanine Loans

Mezzanine loans are a specific type of loan for people who are associated with Real estate. Our Mezzanine loans will be processed by taking collateral of the current underlying property to have a new acquisition of the property. The Hanson capital group lets you be back in business by making you acquire new assets which are performing better than the underlying ones.

Construction Loans

Constructions loans come out very handy for builders as we provide loans to complete the property construction on time to avoid any kind of delay to your customers.